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Leftover Stir-fry

What a long day!  Did anyone else have trouble getting up this morning?!  Mondays are always hard, but the first Monday after a long break is next to impossible.   

So I packed all my food up last night to bring with me for the day.  I knew I wasn’t going to have time this morning to get everything ready.  Thank god I did this because I wound up having to drive Andrew to work as well.  The tire on his car still hasn’t been fixed.   He works 2 jobs, one at a special education school which is right around the block from where I work, and at a pharmacy a couple days a week.  (I shouldn’t be complaining about a long day!)  He’s at work at the pharmacy now, and I’ll be leaving in a few to hang out at my parents (which is right around the block from his pharmacy) until he gets out at 9. 

My breakfast this morning was delish.  It was another vanilla chobani, with bear naked pure protein granola (my favorite of the ones I’ve tried), and a few pb puffins.  Alongside that I had my morning coffee and a clementine.



Here’s a picture where you can actually see some of the granola underneath the puffins.


Around 11 I got snacky and had the remainder of the puffins.


I didn’t really need them but oh well better then running to the vending machine.

For lunch Andrew made me a flat out multigrain wrap with pb and raspberry preserves.  Whatta guy right?


  I also had another clemintine


and a carrot peeled and chopped with some spicy brown mustard for dipping.


Weird combo I know, but a few years ago I was a nanny and one of the girls loved this.  I gave it a try and have loved it ever since!  If you’ve never had it like this (and I’m assuming not many people have) try it one day.  You’ll thank me.


All together!

Around 3:30 I was hungry again so I had another honeycrisp apple.  I still can’t believe how unbelievably good they are! 


After work I rushed to my acupuncture appointment.  I was so nervous, but it turns out I was nervous for no reason.  I just did a consulation with the doctor today and have to go back next Monday to actually get it done.  So now I have another whole week to be nervous!  On my way home from that I was thinking about what I wanted for dinner.  Something fast and easy.  So with all the leftovers in the fridge I made “Leftover Stir-fry.”


It had:

  • broccoli (from last night)
  • ww pasta (from last night
  • roast beef from New Years day
  • a green pepper I had lying around
  • garlic
  • extra virgin olive oil.


Mixed with the pasta in a bowl and ready to eat!


This was exactly what I needed, quick easy, and delicious.  This might become a weekly thing.  Well not this exact mix but a leftover stirfry is something I could definitely get used to.  And now I have leftovers of this for another night this week.

Well I’m off to clean up from dinner and then head over to the parents house.  Hope everyone’s Monday went well!  See you tomorrow food bloggers!


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