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Internet Outage

So last night as I was starting to write up this post my internet went out. I’m at work right now and I’m hoping that when I get home my internet will be back up and running.  I’m taking my lunch hour today to write, but I don’t think this can be an everyday thing, but I didn’t within the first week, want to get into the habit of slacking. 

Breakfast 1-6-08

You’ve got to be sick of this by now, but my breakfast was a Peach Chobani.  I know I’m going to upset a lot of you but everytime I’ve tried oatmeal I haven’t liked it.  To be fair I’ve only had instant and it seems that to a lot of you stovetop oats are the way to go.  Maybe I’ll do an experiment this weekend and see if I like stovetop oats.  I have to say my mouth does water whenever I look at some of your pictures.  I want to love oats because the seem so satisfying to so many of you.  picture-001

A banana, a peach chobani, with pom mixed it.  I only used a little pom from that container in my yogurt and snacked on some more at lunch but there’s still 1/2 that container in the fridge at my office waiting until tomorrow.

Lunch 1-6-08

Was a great meal of leftovers!  I had some more chicken chili (one more portion left!  I’ll definitely be making this again soon since it’s been a great go-to meal for lunch.)


So up until now this was draft from last night it’s taking near forver to get a picture in so I’m going to keep pictures to a minimum.    On the side I had 1/2 a green pepper and a clemintine.  I’m not uploading that picture.

Dinner 1-6-08

I ate cooking for just me (althought Meghan is making it look so worth it!)  So last night I had a grilled cheese sandwich with part skim mozz cheese and 2 pieces of  Boars Head Buffalo Chicken Breast.   Yum!  For dipping I used more of the hot spaghetti sauce from Sundays dinner.  And a side salad.  Again here’s a picture of all of it together.picture-0121

Full disclosure: I burned one side of the sandwich:


Breakfast 1/7/08

Vanilla Chobani another overly ripe banana, pb puffins, and pom seeds.  This actually held me over for 4 hours!  Powerful stuff! 


And lastly today’s lunch, a pb and raspberry preserves sandwich on an arnolds 100% ww sandwich thin (amazing as everyone else has already said! ) 2 clemintines and a salad.


I’m really sorry this post (and pics) has been so awful, I’m hoping I’ll be able to fix it from home tonight if the internet is working!  What a frustrating situation.  If I don’t get back on today I’ll be posting at lunch again.   Hope everyone has a great Humpday!


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