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Snowed In

I guess that post title is deceiving, we have snow on the ground, but not a lot.  It’s more of a self inflicted snowed in night because Andrew and I are just going to hang out at home tonight. 

As I was finishing up on the computer before I looked out the window and saw that it had really started snowing!  I’m not a fan of snow most days but on a day when I have no plans it’s nice to look at.  For a little while at least, if it’s still there tomorrow I’ll be sick of it.

Here’s the view from our office window.  This was like 10 minutes after the snow had started, there’s more now.


And then I had a pickle.  Because they were frozen before they got a little weird, like mushy I guess, but somehow there was still a lot of crunch to them.  I can’t explain it, but they were still really good!


Dinner tonight was a favorite in our house.  We both love tacos and do them often enough.  For a while it was every Tuesday, it slowed down though to once a month at the most recently.  I knew as soon as I saw that extra lean ground beef was on sale that I wanted to make tacos with some of it.   I tried to make it a little healthier tonight though.

I made myself a Taco Salad.


This included:

  • romaine lettuce
  • onion
  • green pepper
  • taco meat
  • mexican cheese
  • and salsa

It was so good, I has a second smaller bowl as well.  You are all lucky to be reading this instead of me talking to you about it.  I definitiely over did it on the onion.  1/2 an onion to be exact.  What was I thinking?! 

I guess this new toy made it too easy to thinly slice my onion and I sliced way more then I needed:


Please excuse the lettuce that’s still on there, that thing is not easy to clean.  I’ve wanted one of these for a while, I suck at cutting anything evenly.  This is going to make my life a whole lot easier.  And with the french fry attachment blade you’ll be seeing a lot of sweet potato fries.

In the background you can see my other new kitchen toy.  Here’s a close up:


Gosh, I really didn’t do a good job of cleaning up all the little pieces of lettuce, sorry about the mess.

This was not something I wanted, I needed this!  And to my surprise it helped me in the opposite way I thought it would.  When I was making my chicken sandwich earlier I used the scale for the first time  I took the amount I would normally use and weighed it.  It wasn’t even an ounce!  I added more until it was about 2 ounces.  Much better then my usual sandwich, and after looking up the nutrition facts I could have added more, 2 ounces is only 60 calories and 1 gram of fat.  

It was also fun to use at dinner, I looked up the nutrition facts and the serving size was 4 ounces, but I also felt comfortable having 6 because all-in-all it had been a really light  day.  So it was easy to weigh out the exact amount I wanted instead of taking a guess.  I think this thing is going to be a big help in preparing my meals. 

This is a really good scale for me.  I know there are a lot out there that can do more things, but all I need is something that’s easy to use, has a tare feature, (for anyone who doesn’t know, a tare zeros out the scale, so if you have a bowl that you are going to fill with something you can place the bowl on the scale press the tare button and the scale will read zero, anything you add to the bowl is the only thing that the scale will weigh), and  it converts from ounces and pounds to grams and kilograms.  Very helpful, the meat’s serving size was in ounces, while the cheese was in grams, it made it super easy to calculate my whole meal. 

I would typically feel bad about having 2 bowls of the salad, but because I knew I alotted myself 6 ounces of meat I portioned that into 3 ounces per bowl (I acutally only had 5.5 ounces), and I was able to portion out one serving size of cheese between 2 bowls.  Mostly I was loading up on veggies by eating 2 bowls, which is always a good thing, except if it’s onions, then it’s bad for anyone you have to talk to face-to face.

It’s been over a week now since I started this blog, and started eating cleaner, I feel a lot better about myself and my food choices already.  I weighed myself at my chiropractors office Monday and today, and it said I lost 4.5 lbs this week.  I’m extremely happy with that result, and hope that the trend continues through the year.  I just wanted to thank you all for the support you’ve already shown me.  I don’t plan on posting every single time I lose weight, that’s not really what this blog is about.  Of course I want to lose weight, but I also want to just eat better overall and for life.    So thank you to everyone who has checked out the blog and stopped to leave a comment, your support has really helped a lot.


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Errand Running Saturday

I hope you are all had a fun Friday night.  I was right, I didn’t leave the apartment!  We had 2 friends over until late last night playing some Wii Sports.  

 Saturday for me so far, was a day of running errands.  But the good news I’m done with almost everything I wanted to do outside of the house today.  I still would like to do some deep cleaning around the apartment.

For breakfast this morning I had a bowl of PB puffins with skim milk, and 2 more clementines. 



After breakfast I drove Andrew to work and went to the chiropractor with my mom.

When we were done there I went back to their house to hang out until Andrew got out of work.  Around 12:30 I got hungry so I snacked on 1/2 a clif bar. 


I met Andrew at work and did some food shopping.  It was supposed to be a small order but I figured I’d get most of my shopping done for the week.  All that’s left to get is more Chobani!

Here’s some of our purchases:




We got:

  • skinless chicken breast
  • lean ground beef
  • brown rice
  • green peppers
  • kashi crackers
  • salsa
  • an eggplant
  • apples (a variety including honeycrisp!)
  • cucumbers
  • spaghetti sauce
  • frozen broccoli
  • franks red hot sauce

And in the back you’ll see something I’ve never bought before.  Oatmeal!  It was on super sale so I figured I’d give it a try.  If I don’t like it I’ll give it to my sister, she eats oatmeal everyday for breakfast, like most of you!

And my #1 favorite purchase!


A blurry picture but these are seriously the best pickles in the world.  They are really fresh, super cruncy and bright green it’s the perfect pickle!

After putting the groceries away it was time for lunch.  I was so hungry and made myself a sandwich with buffalo chicken deli meat, romaine lettuce, Franks Red Hot Sauce (love), all on an Arnold Sandwich Thin.


I wanted a pickle so badly but after the grocery shopping we ran to Target to get a few things that I’ll show you all later, and the pickles froze in the car!  They’re on the counter now thawing out and I’ll be snacking on one of those later.

I’m off to do some dishes, I’ll be back later tonight to post my Target purchases and dinner.  Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

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