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I feel like a Pincushion

More on my not-so-good acupuncture experience in a minute. 

But first here are today’s eats.

I got my Chobani back!  It’s actually on sale this week so there was only one left, but I did get a rain check and will be heading back to the store to stock up while they’re 10 for 10.  Mixed into the plain yogurt I had more Bare Naked Peak Protein granola, I love that granola!


That’s my second to last clementine.  I need to make another trip to Whole Foods for some more, they’re the only place I can find them where 1/2 the box isn’t already rotten. 

Around 11:00 I got hungry so I had a small bag of pb puffins, I can’t get enough of the cereal.


Lunch was Cinnamon Raisin Swirl PB with Raspberry Preserves on an Arnold Sandwich thin.



With 15 kashi crackers on the side.  Good lunch but I definitely missed my veggie.picture-035

And a braeburn apple, it was a pretty good apple.



After work and my acupuncture appointment I raced home to eat I was starving and I knew I needed fresh veggies so sorry about the repeat but it was another taco salad, this was included the same except instead of green peppers I had mini cucumbers. 


It looks like a lot of meat but it was only 2.5 ounces.  I had a second bowl with another 1/2 an ounce and no cheese and a little less veggies.  Those veggies filled me right up and gave me exactly what I was craving.  I never thought I would crave fresh veggies, but I guess I’ll learn a lot of things about myself this year.

So my acupuncture appointment was not what I expected at all.   The doctor sat me in a chair and stuck about 12 needles in my neck and the back of my head, then 2 in my hands, and 2 in my feet.  It was weird but it didn’t hurt at all.  He told me he’d be back in 20 minutes to take the needles out and to just try to relax.  I sat in the chair and felt really calm, then about 12 minutes into everything started to sound muffled.  I told myself it was nothing and to just stick it out, after a few more minutes I started to feel nauseous, and I was really sweating.  I felt like I was going to either pass out or puke.  He had given me a bell to ring if anything happened. 

After a minute when the feeling didn’t pass and I actually felt worse I rang the bell.  He didn’t come, I rang it again, and again, and again, I think in total I rang the bell 8 times.  Finally the receptionist came in, she told me I looked awful and very pale.  I told her I was going to pass out so she got the doctor.  He came in and told me I looked greenish and was all sweaty, he took all the needles out and told me to lay down on the table.  He went to get me water and when he came back in he told me he had put too many needles in for my first time!  What!?  Why would he do that?!  He told me that it happens sometimes and that I just needed to relax.  He asked if I was scared of needles or if I had ever given blood, I told him I was scared, but I had given blood before.  I don’t think it had anything to do with being afraid of the needles because why would it happen 15 minutes later, not right away?

After I felt better and able to drive home I left, he made another appointment for me on Wednesday.  But I don’t know what to do.  Should I go?  My left hand hurts really bad right now and there’s a small amount of bruising where the needle was. 

 I need advice, should I try one more time, or call it quits on acupuncture?


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