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Kinda Live Blogging

I’m writing this post from my desk at work as promised.  I’m actually eating the lunch I’m about to show you so it’s as close to live blogging as I’m going to get.

A theme on all the blogs today seems to be that no matter where you are it’s cold.  Even Florida!   Although 40 would feel like a warm summer day to me right about now.

Breakfast this morning was my usual chobani.  I went back the other day to the store that had them on sale, I was ready to use my rain check to get the sale price.  But they were still on sale, and my rain check doesn’t expire until 3/11/09 so looks like I’ll be using that at a later date. 

I had a peach chobani with dried cranberries missed in.  I thought the combo would be weird but it was heavenly!


My stomach was growling by lunch, usually I mix cereal or granola into my yogurt and have a side of fruit but I wasn’t feeling either this morning, so that’s all I had.

Lunch was another salad, this time with just romaine and lettuce with the light caesar dressing, and a big container of grapes!


I never liked spinach until recently, I don’t know why, but I’m sure glad I gave it another try!


Oh grapes!  I haven’t had grapes since the summer, they’ve been so expensive, but I threw caution to the wind the other day and bought a package.  So worth the outrageous price!

Here’s a sneak peek at what some of desk at work looks like.  I didn’t photograph the whole thing, but this is where I spend 9 hours a day.


What a mess of wires behind my monitors, never really noticed it until I saw the picture.  That’s going tohave to be fixed!

Well it’s finally Friday and although I don’t have a defnite plans for tonight I hope to see my best friend Michelle, she was away last week, and got home Saturday, but somehow we haven’t seen eachother yet!  We talk every day at lunch time though.  So I’ll probably end up out with my friends for at least a little while.

I have to rest though because tomorrow is my first personal training session.  I’m excited and nervous and I want to make sure I get a lot of rest.

I’ll be back sometime after dinner!  Hope the rest of your Friday flys by!


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