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Meal Planning Monday

Wow what a busy day!  Work was very busy, and very frustrating.  I hate being blamed for mistakes on things I’ve never worked on.  It was really no big deal but I let it get to me and it stressed me out.  But Monday is over and hopefully the rest of the week won’t be so bad. 

So let’s get into today’s eats.

Breakfast was a 1/2 a WW bagel with pb and an orange.


Delicious and very filling.  I love pb in the morning it does a great job of holding me over.

Lunch was my left over Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup:

Picture 004

Doesn’t food look better in a Tupperware container? Well as an unappealing as it looks it was delicious.

I also had a salad with romaine and spinach and balsamic dressing:

Picture 005

I also had the other 1/2 of my bagel.


Plain this time.

I ate all the soup, the entire bagel, and 1/2 the salad before I got bored.  I talked to my friend for the remainder of lunch which is a tradition.  We call it our “conference calls”  and on my lunch everyday I talk to her.  It’s a nice break to the day.

Later on I ate the rest of the salad and another delicious kiwi.

Picture 007

During my lunch time today while I was eating I planned out my meals for the whole week, according to what was on sale at the store.  It worked out really well.  So once I got home before heading to the gym I made some of the stuff I could prepare ahead of the time for the week.  It was definitely a good invest of time because the rest of the week is going to be easy at meal times.

As soon as I got home I needed something to eat I grabbed a string cheese.

Picture 010

While cooking I spoke to the same friend from my lunch call.  We can talk for hours a day and we usually do.

I did not know what I wanted to eat, and to be honest I had no food in the house.  So since I had the oven on I made a “baked cheese” sandwich.

I used less then an ounce of more cheese (I wish I had known this is what i was going to do for dinner I would have never had the string cheese.)  And 5 pieces of turkey pepperoni on an Arnold Sandwich Thin.  Wrapped it in tinfoil and threw it in  the oven for about 15 minutes.

Picture 011Picture 013

Here it is right out of the oven and cut in half.  I ate it right off the tinfoil standing at the counter cooking. 

Picture 014


After my dinner and phone call I went to the gym.  It was so crowded, and my time on the treadmill was torture today.  I definitely wasn’t able to run like I was yesterday.  But I pushed through and decided to call it quits after the treadmill, no weights for me today.  Oh well, tomorrow will be better I know it!

After the gym I went over to the grocery store and did a big shopping order.  I know I haven’t taken pictures of my groceries since the first time, but I was going to the store a few times a week instead of one big shopping trip.  I’m hoping with the meals already planned out I can avoid the grocery store until next week.

Here is most of the things I got, except for a few that were specifically for Andrew, toothpaste, etc.  Let’s see how many things I forget to list.

Picture 018

  • Franks Hot Sauce
  • Perdue Carved Chicken breast
  • 4 Fage 0% yogurts
  • a dozen eggs
  • marinara sauce
  • Hummus
  • Whole Wheat Roll up’s
  • Arnold Sandwich Thins
  • And Biotin 

Biotin is a supplement I take (in addition to my multivitamin).  After my car accident back in July I got stressed out, I was terrified to drive, super anxious being in a car, and had no idea whether my car would be declared totaled (it was after a month), or if they would find any witnesses to prove that the other woman had ran the red light, because we both claimed we had the right of way.  I also was having nightmares reliving the whole experience.  People that came out of their houses after the accident told Andrew that they were certain that somebody had died by the incredible noise of the crash.  I let the stress eat away at me and after a while I realized I was losing my hair.  All from the stress!  The dermatologist recomennded that I take 3 of these tablets each night.  Here’s a little more information about Biotin:

Biotin is necessary for cell growth, the production of fatty acids, and the metabolism of fats and amino acids. It plays a role in the Citric acid cycle, which is the process by which biochemical energy is generated during aerobic respiration. Biotin not only assists in various metabolic reactions, but also helps to transfer carbon dioxide. Biotin is also helpful in maintaining a steady blood sugar level. Biotin is often recommended for strengthening hair and nails. Consequently, it is found in many cosmetic and health products for the hair and skin.

In addition to my hair growing back, it’s thicker and my nails grow so fast and are super strong now too.  The biotin was buy one get one free at the store so I stocked up.

Picture 021

  • Here we have green peppers
  • pistachios
  • grapes
  • blueberries
  • baby carrots
  • lentils
  • sweet potatoes
  • and in the corner are some Gala apples

Picture 025

And finally:

  • more clementines!!!!!
  • Bananas
  • And romaine

I got all this (plus other items) for 81 bucks.  Not bad. 

Well it’s bed time for me!  Good night everyone!!!


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