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“This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather”

Happy Groundhog’s day!  That’s my favorite quote from the movie Groundhog Day.  Does anyone else love that movie?  I can not believe it’s already February, 2009 if flying by! 
Thanks again for all your well wishes for my sister, Kristin.  She came home this evening, I actually am blogging from my parents house but Kristin is asleep.  Sorry I didn’t get to blog yesterday it was a busy busy day!  But let’s rewind a bit to Saturday night.
After I blogged we headed out, I made an unpictured cup of hot chocolate for the drive to the hospital.  When we got there Kristin was being treated in the hallway of the ER because it was so busy.  After 15 minutes of us arriving, she was moved upstairs to a room.  When they were wheeling her bed into the room I noticed it was the pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  I almost freaked, luckily that was the only room available so she didn’t need to be there but it was the only place for her.  While I was there I helped myself to some vanilla ice cream that they had in the freezer.  I ate about a ¼ of this small container before I realized I didn’t really want it.

We stayed there until pretty late, around 11:30 or 12ish I guess.  On the way home a car was driving on the wrong side of the highway, and coming right towards us, it scared the crap out of me!  Once I got home I was so not able to sleep, between worrying about my sister and the scare with the other car, so I was up until after 2 cleaning our apartment.  I had every intention of getting up early to get a lot accomplished but I woke up after 10!  I should have forced myself to go to bed when we got home.
Once I got up I got dressed for the gym and ate a Chocolate Almond Fudge Clif bar.  It was my first time trying this flavor and it did not disappoint.

After the gym I found out by the time we got to the hospital the cafeteria would be closed so I had to run to the store and grab something to eat.  I grabbed my first Amy’s frozen meal.  I got the Santa Fe Bowl.  Wow!  I know why you all get this.  Once I got to the hospital I heated it up in the microwave, I couldn’t believe how absolutely delicious it was.  I can’t wait to try different ones!
Here’s the blurry box:

I also had 2 clementines with the meal.

My dad was at the hospital when I arrived and my mom had spent the night before there with Kristin so Andrew and I hung out there while they left so my mom could go home and shower, get new clothes, and pick up some other stuff for my sister.
Kristin hadn’t been able to sleep the whole night before so I was happy she fell asleep when we were there.  I fell asleep on the reclining chair next to her and by the time we woke up it had been a couple hours and our parents were just returning.
I snacked on one of the cookies my dad brought, it was stuffed with apricot preserves.

An hour later I was starving!  So we went to see what the cafeteria had to offer.  Nothing good.  They had a few sandwiches pre-made, some baked macarooni and cheese, and some chicken in greasy bbq sauce.  It looked so unappetizing.  So I scavenged around in the pediatric wing and found some cheerios and skim milk.

I ate this and felt satisfied for a little while.  We hung out there watching the puppy bowl and then the beginning of the super bowl.  Sometime toward the end of the 1stquarter we left the hospital and headed home.  My plan was to go grocery shopping at some point during the day but waking up so late it was one of the errands that I had to push off until another day.  I am seriously lacking in food options.  I had a bagel with pb:
And a gigantic fruit salad, I ate about 3/4s of the salad.
I was craving fresh fruit and of course that hit the spot.
I was supposed to be having a Super Bowl party at our house, but with everything going on my friend Michelle, took over and hosted the party at her house.  We wound up getting there close to 9 and she had a lot of great food there.  She made her own salsa and it was delicious and spicy so I snacked on that with about 15 tostitos.  Sorry there’s no picture. It was a lot of fun,  we hung out there until shortly after 10.  Once I was home I got right into my jammers and crawled into bed.  I feel asleep within minutes and felt like I only slept for an hour or two when my alarm went off this morning.
With the lack of food in the house I had to scrounge up some eats for the day.
I had Fage 0% with blueberries mixed in and 2 clementines.
A couple hours later I snacked on some pistachios.
Then for lunch I had another bagel toasted with pb.  I really hope I get to the food store today because I could use a change of pace.
On the side I also had some carrots.

After work I went home and snacked on a string cheese before going to the gym.


The gym was just okay today, I think my body is exhausted from stress and worrying. 

After the gym I stopped at subway and got a grilled chicken sub.


This was really good, it had onions, lettuce, peppers, cucs and of course grilled chicken, all on their 9 grain wheat bread.

Wow that was a marathon post.  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, and thanks again for all the sweet comments for Kristin, if she was awake I know she would appreciate it.  But my parents are thankful for your comments as well.   

Enjoy the rest of your Monday night, see you tomorrow!!!


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