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M.I.A and Random Pictures

Hey I was just sitting down to write a long post after being absent yesterday and all of today.  Well I realized I left my camera at my parents house and don’t have any of my pictures from the past 2 days.  Talk about a crappy food blogger!!  Obviously tomorrow I will be making up for it but to make this post a little interesting I thought I’d post some other pictures I have on my computer so you can get to know me a little better.

Picture 136 

This is Andrew and I after his graduation from college back in May, my hair was gigantic from the humidity, and I was so tan from just returning from vacation.

Picture 364 

What my super curly hair looks like under control.

Picture 393

This is a picture of Andrew and I at a display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.  It was a bunch of mirrors which in turn makes it look like I have 20 sets of eyes.

Picture 420

We went to Lancaster County in the Fall with Ms Informed and her Fiancé.  We took a train ride on an old steam locomotive, this is before we got on.

Picture 497

We also went to a corn maze that we got lost in for like 2 hours.   This is at the beginning before we got completely frustrated.

Picture 515-2

After my car accident in July I had to get a new car.  Here she is!  Her name is Cocoa, (as you can see on the license plate), I love her!

    Picture 183

Here is Andrew and the infamous Michelle.  2 of my very favorite people.  I’d be lost without either of these people.368

I love the beach.  This is me walking along the beach in Outer Banks North Carolina.  It is my favorite spot to vacation.

Picture 163

Andrew gave me this poster last year for my 23rd birthday.  It is my very favorite thing hanging in out apartment.  It’s from Great Britain during WWII although it was never actually hung up because the war ended before they got a chance to.  It’s my favorite saying.  It’s how I’d like to live my life.


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