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Getting Back to the Grind

This weekend went by way too fast.  I’m dreading going back to work tomorrow, it’s another full week of projects (when is it not really?)  This time of year reminds me of high school, that horribly long time between President’s Day and Easter where there are no more days off it seems so long.  Unfortunately for me my stretch of time is even longer, my next scheduled day off is Memorial Day and my last day off was the day after New Years!  I’m counting down the days until May 25th!  I feel like everyone I know has tomorrow off and I’m so jealous if you’re one of them!

Today was a really good day, it was chilly out but the sun was so warm, I love a sunny day, reminds me of warmer times.  Have I mentioned lately I’m sick of this cold weather?  Oh I have?  Well it’s true I’m sick of it, let’s move on to spring already!

Andrew and I decided to go out to breakfast today we went to our favorite place for breakfast called Sissy’s Place, it’s about a 2 minute drive from our apartment, and the location is just perfect.

Here’s some shots of the view.

Picture 001

Picture 002

It’s especially nice when it’s warm enough to sit outside.

Picture 004

Our apartment is somewhere up on the top of the hill you see in the background.  I wish we could say we had a perfect view of the marina and bay, but we don’t.  In the winter when the trees are bare we can see some water but not much.

I ordered a coffee and a water.

Picture 005

And to eat I got a fruit salad and a Potato Pepper Onion and Egg Sandwich.

Picture 006

Picture 007

It’s a delicious sandwich and the hard roll it comes on is so soft and good, although I wish they had an option for a whole wheat roll.  As an afterthought I could have easily just asked for it not on a roll.  Hindsight is 20/20.

After breakfast we took an extremely quick walk down by the water.  The wind was crazy though and my nose felt like it was about freeze off.  Andrew was kind enough to snap some pictures while my hands stayed firmly in my pockets.

Picture 010 Picture 014

You can see NYC in the background there, and in the foreground you can see typical NJ beach litter.  I’m kidding, not all NJ beaches have litter.

After breakfast we went to Barnes and Nobles to peruse the shelves, I walked away empty handed but bookworm Andrew found 5 books!  I’m a picky reader, I hate to admit this but not too long ago I would only buy/read books that were pink with legs on them, when I ran out of pink as long as it had legs on them I would buy it.  I’m a little less picky now but I definitely judge a book by it’s cover, what can I say?

Once Andrew was done pillaging Barnes and Nobles we went to my parents house so Andrew could do some heavy lifting with my dad.  My dad was rearranging the family room and needed Andrews help we only hung out there for a little while, in which time I tried to get my dog to play fetch with me, but she doesn’t like to do much, (like move unless absolutely necessary) so I did more running then Bailey did.

When we left my parents house we went to the gym, where I did a sweaty 1/2 an hour on the bike.  I don’t like the bike, I find it boring, but I knew I needed to give my right knee a break.  Surprisingly I got almost as sweaty as I do on the treadmill, I did race Andrew a few times which made me work a lot harder. 

For lunch we hit up good old Subway,  I got a veggie sandwich with a side of apple slices. 

Picture 016

Picture 015

Nothing special but it was satisfying after a long workout.

For dinner we had something special (for us at least), my parents gave us some Omaha steaks and if you’ve been reading red meat is pretty rare for us.  But these steaks are perfectly portioned for 4 ounces and there pretty swanky for us.  We don’t typically do steaks at all just ground meat.  I had my 4 ounce steak and a side salad.  Felt like a real indulgence.  Look away if you’re not a fan of rare beef.

Picture 028

Picture 023

Yum.  It was a really lean cut so it tasted really delicious. 

Well I’m off to bed.  Oh I mentioned we were going to watch “Burn After Reading” last night I thought it was really good, a little weird and some thing were completely unexpected but if you like the movie Fargo I would say you’d like this movie as well.


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