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Fat Tuesday & an Interview

Another day flew right by!  I can’t believe tomorrow is the middle of the week already!  I hope you all had a quick moving Tuesday as well.  I’m exhausted after such a busy day so I’m going to get right into my eats.  I also did an interview that Brandi of Bran Appetit sent me!  She had some great questions!

Breakfast today was an old favorite combo.  Plain Chobani with a crumbled deep chocolate vitamuffin crumbled on top.  Such a great mix!

Picture 001

I should have brought a bowl to mix it all in, it was quite overflowing, after I took this picture I really crushed it up in there, my department vp thought I was eating cookie’s and cream ice cream for breakfast.  It was almost as good!

Lunch was a big salad with romaine lettuce, a mini sweet pepper, and black beans, with caesar dressing, also yummy but a little boring.  Sometimes I hate having to pack lunches ahead of time because I never know what I’m going to be in the mood for.

Picture 005 

For snack a little later I had a braeburn apple.

Picture 006

As I said yesterday I had dinner plans with my friend Michelle.  We decided to go out to dinner but didn’t know where to go.  She had a coupon for Bertucci’s so we decided to go there.  Great Choice! 

There rolls are delicious!  I had 1 and 1/2.

Picture 007

We ordered the exact same thing right down to the salad. We each got a house salad with balsamic vinaigrette, I forgot to say dressing on the side, I ate about 1/2 of it but the rest was drowning in dressing.

Picture 009

I also gave Michelle my olive’s.

For dinner we both ordered off the lunch menu and got the eggplant panini. It was Fire-roasted eggplant, Pomodoro sauce, fresh basil, mozzarella and provolone cheese.  Minus the provolone cheese for me.  I like it sometimes but I’m not a fan of it melted.

Picture 011

I have one piece left of the 3 so expect to see that for lunch tomorrow.  It was a great dinner, we had a lot to catch up on since we haven’t hung out it a while.  Lots of laughs.

So as I said Brandi sent me an interview to fill out.  She asked some great questions and it was fun to answer them.  I’ve seen this on a ton of blogs so I’m sure most of you have already been interviewed, but if you haven’t and you’d like me to interview you leave me a comment and I’ll happily do so! 

Here’s the rules to play along:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."  If a few people want

interviews, I will randomly pick 2.

2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the



Here are the Questions Brandi sent me

1. What is your all time favorite breakfast?

When I was little we always had a big breakfast on Sundays.  Usually bacon or sausage and eggs with hard rolls or bagels.  It was my favorite meal of the week, I would wake up early and go to the bakery with my dad, then we would go to 7-11 to get coffee for him and hot chocolate for me.  We’d then go to the beach or to the marina to look at the boats.  Once we returned home we would have scrambled eggs and bacon sandwiches.  Now I switch it up with turkey bacon to make it a little healthier, and it’s not every Sunday, but it’s still an ultimate comfort food for me on the weekends.

2. What do you think is the perfect food combination?

Chocolate and Peanut butter, I’m not sure you can get better then that!  Or pineapple on pizza, another ultimate favorite.

3. What do like best about blogging?

Oh my gosh there are so many things!  I love that it’s introduced me to a super supportive community.  When my sister was in the hospital last month I got some of the sweetest comments.  Every blogger I’ve gotten a comment from has been so positive, I feel like I have a whole bunch of friends all over the country and world!  I also love the time it makes me take on my food.  Before I would mindlessly eat right at the kitchen counter or stand at the pantry and just snack.  Taking the time to put my food on a plate and take pictures of it slows the whole meal process down.

4. How/why did you start blogging?

Early fall I stumbled across either Jenna or Kath’s food blogs, I forget who I ran across first, I instantly started clicking through the links and comments and found a whole community of girls who were eating healthy and living active lives.  I’ve been unhappy with my weight for about 2 years now and I would try to make changes but they never stuck.  I would go to the gym for a few months, and eat decently and then would just stop.  The idea that the blog would hold me accountable made it a pretty easy decision to start my own.  I’m so happy I did, I see the changes in my body and the changes in my attitude towards food and I’m so grateful that the blog, and other bloggers have changed my outlook.

5. If you could spend the day with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

My paternal grandfather.  I never met him, he died a couple years before I was born.  I’ve heard a lot of stories about him but it would be great to get to meet him.  Knowing my dad and my aunt and uncles he must have been a great person since he raised them. I’m lucky to still have my maternal grandparents, and was able to get to know my paternal grandmother before she passed away when I was younger.  But I’ve always been curious as to what my grandfather was like and I’d love to spend a whole day just talking to him and finding out things about him.


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