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I’d Forget My Head…

I have been so forgetful, last night I came home already to blog and realized I left my camera at my parents.  No big deal I would just go get it after work today and use my cell phone for pictures today, well I forgot my cellphone today!  So I had no camera, and no cellphone.  I felt so lost, but I have both back in my possession now so we’re all set.

Let’s rewind to yesterdays eats.  For breakfast I had a plain chobani with granola.

Picture 002

For lunch I was craving pb so I had a ww bagel with pb smeared on it.

Picture 004

Andrew wound up being a super awesome boyfriend and woke up early yesterday to drive me in even though he had a delayed opening.  So I had to leave a little early with him to come home to get the hot water heater replaced.  We hung out here until everything was done and it was time for Andrew to go to work.  I was in a weird mood and wanted to go to my parents house while he was gone so I didn’t have to be alone.  So he dropped me off there on his way to work.

For dinner my mom was making spaghetti so I had some.

Picture 006

And on the side I had 2 pieces of bread, one with butter and one with olive oil and fresh cracked pepper for dipping.

Picture 008

That’s where the pictures ended, but I didn’t have anything new and exciting anyway.  I had a Peach chobani for breakfast with granola, and for lunch I had left over chow mein with 3 stalks of broccoli.  It was a yummy filling lunch, but nothing you haven’t seen before.  After lunch I had some green grapes.

After work we stopped to get subs to bring to my parents house for dinner so I could pick up my camera and a package that came in the mail for me.

We stopped at the WaWa where Andrew’s twin brother works and had him made us some sandwiches.  I got a veggie sub with roasted peppers, hot peppers, romaine lettuce, onions, pickles, vinegar, and some parmesan cheese.

Picture 011

On the side I had some kettle chips.

Picture 013

I ate most of the bag but Andrew and my parents sampled the chips as well.  Yummy quick dinner.

The package I had to pick up was some samples of Fage Greek Yogurt!

Picture 020

I got 12 all together but one of the cherry flavored ones broke open during shipment and I’m allergic to strawberry so my Dad will be reviewing that for me.  I’m so excited to try these because I have never had any flavored Fage before, only the plain.

Well it’s been a long day so I’m going to lay down to read until I fall asleep.  Hope you all had a fabulous Wednesday!


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