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Running Late

Today there was drama, drama, drama, I don’t want to get into it on here, I just hate being thrown in the middle of things, after I got out of work it was time to deal with the drama for almost 2 hours! Then I rushed to the gym did the first day of the first week of the couch to 5k plan.  Now I’m home and finishing up getting ready to go out.  But I pledged to myself I would blog each day this weekend since I’ve been sucking at that lately so get ready for the fastest post ev-er.

For breakfast this morning I had the peach 2% Fage from my samples.  It was really good, but I’m still partial to the Chobani, the Fage tasted a wee bit artificial.

Picture 001

On the side I also had a piece of my fabulous bread.

Picture 002

I totally devoured it.

Lunch I had an Amy’s Vegetable Lasagna.

Picture 003

It was just alright, sorry Amy but it was kinda soupy.  The sauce tasted great, the noodles got crunchy, and the filling was too watery, it tasted fine, just not what I expected.

Picture 005

After I got home the drama started, I was on the phone until 7 and then it was time to rush to the gym.  I ate 1/2 an unpictured clif bar (pear and apple strudel).

I’m currently eating a cereal bowl of puffins, and apple cinnamon morning o’s.

Picture 008


Picture 010

Alright girls, I’m off to meet up with some friends!  Have a fun Friday night!


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