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I’m Free!

Oh my gosh I am so happy it’s Friday night! This week was killer for me, I’m just happy I have 2 days to relax now.  The only thing I have planned is to go out tonight with all my favorites and then relax tomorrow, followed by another relaxing morning and then a quick meeting with the other bridesmaids in my cousin’s wedding about her bridal shower.  Should be interesting, since I don’t get along with my aunt or my other cousin at all and only know one of the other bridesmaids.   I’m not looking forward to that and to be honest I’ll probably chicken out before I go.  But it should be a pretty nice weekend overall.

For breakfast today I went back to my old standby Chobani.  I still have some Fage left but it’s all Fage total and the fear of all that fat was enough to make me leave them at home.   I mixed in my usual granola.

Picture 001

On the side I also had 2 prunes.

Picture 002

I don’t know if my appetite still just isn’t back to normal this week, or if all the fiber from my breakfast kept me full but once again I resorted to having a bar for lunch.  I’m trying to listen to my body and I don’t want to force myself to eat a meal when I really don’t want it, it’s hard though because I know I should eat something more, but really it took almost an entire hour to eat this whole bar.  I just wasn’t in the mood to eat.

Picture 003

It was really sunny but cold so to get out of the office I hid out in my car on the phone for my lunch hour, the sun kept me nice and warm in there!

Around 3 I had another gigantic orange.  Yummmmm!

Picture 006 

After I left work I started to feel hungry!  Finally!  So I decided to make it a pizza night.  I had a Boboli whole wheat pizza crust, with pineapple and meatless “meatballs”.  Great combo, it was seriously the best homemade pizza I’ve had in a long time.

Here’s the whole pizza:

Picture 007

It was a full size but Andrew gave up pizza for lent so I still have 1/2 of it in my fridge waiting to be eaten over the weekend.

Picture 011

Since Andrew gave up pizza he had scrambled eggs and Dr. Praegers Potato Littles.  I wanted to try one so he left one for me, but he ate all the dinosaurs so I got a little guy or something.  He was tasty!

Picture 008

These are really good, and there was a strong onion flavor, but I love onions so that was fantastic.  Andrew hates onions but still liked them too.

I’m off to straighten my hair and get ready to go out, hope you all have a fun Friday night.  Part of what I want to do tomorrow for my relaxing day is spend some time catching up with some of you!  I’ve been trying to keep up with all your blogs and comment but I’ve fallen a bit behind.  So I want to spend a while tomorrow reading and commenting. 

One last thing, I randomly ran across my old roommate Erin’s blog.  Erin and I were roommates (along with 6 other girls!) my sophomore year of college, she’s a really great person, who has done things since she graduated that I could only dream about doing!  Her blog also focuses on healthy living and her and her sister Dana are both super stars when it comes to food and fitness.  So check out their blogs!


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