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Much Better…

It’s amazing what a full night’s rest can do for a bad mood.  I woke up this morning in a really good mood and luckily never fell back into my cranky state of yesterday.  Thanks for all your kind comments yesterday and for being so understanding.  I’m so blown away by all the sweet comments I get day-to-day!

For breakfast this morning I had the one I wanted for yesterday.  I had Vanilla Chobani and some pb puffins.  Delicious I can’t get enough of this combo.

Picture 001

Picture 002

For lunch today I decided to make up for my lack of veggies to get a subway veggie delight 6 inch sub.

Picture 004

Lettuce, cucs, red onions, green peppers, and vinegar.

On the side I had some Baked Lays.

Picture 005

After work I picked up Andrew at school and we stopped off at Whole Foods.

I had my first taste of “garbage water”.

Picture 008

This stuff seriously smelled so offensive.  I don’t know how to describe the smell, kind of like low tide on the Jersey Shore, I guess, if you know what that smells like.  But the flavor?  Fabulous!  I loved it!  My dad tasted it and said it reminded him of dying Easter Eggs.  And then he made a lot of faces.  I tried to give it to Andrew and he refused and my mom commented “Danielle, leave him alone, he just finished eating.”  I was little upset because here I am enjoying this drink and my mom is insinuating that I’m going to make Andrew vomit from a sip.  Ready for a little TMI? This drink is fizzy, fizzy = burps.  Burping after drinking this is gross, try to refrain from doing that.  I would definitely buy this again although not often, 4 bucks is a little steep for something that makes my loved ones ill.

While at Whole Foods I of course had to eat from the salad bar.

Picture 011

I had a 1/2 a piece of lasanga, 2 potato wedges and:

Picture 012

A big salad, romaine lettuce, celery, grated carrot, onions, cucs, red and green peppers, some kind of pasta salad, and other things I’m forgetting I’m sure.  It was a nice cold veggie full salad.

I’m now home and getting ready for bed, tomorrow is my Friday so I can’t wait until 5 o’clock to be done with work for the week!  Hope you are all having a fabulous night!


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Cranky Pants

Wasn’t it just the other day that I was talking about how I am in such a good mood when the weather is nicer.  I don’t know what my problem is today, I just felt off.  I wasn’t hungry for anything and I seem to get this way a few times a month, no appetite, terrible mood, and just a general cranky feeling.  I know with the weather being so hot and everything in bloom my sinuses have been a little crazy, and although it’s not a full blown sinus headache I definitely feel the pressure.  All I wanted to do today was come home and go to sleep. 

Today’s title should really be DON’T Eat Like Me.

For breakfast this morning I planned on having Vanilla Chobani with puffins, I knew once I got to work to not even waste the puffins because there was no way I was going to eat the whole container.

Picture 001

I was right I ate maybe half the container and then into the garbage it went.

I started to feel really fatigued so I ran out at lunch time to Dunkin Donuts to grab an iced coffee.

Picture 007

Medium iced coffee with skim milk and splenda.  While I was there I picked up a multigrain bagel lightly tossed with a tiny bit of butter.  They actually listened to me and put about the amount I would put on it.

Picture 004

I ate in my car because I was so cranky I couldn’t stand the idea of going back in to work.

Around 2:30 I realized I needed some fruit so I grabbed an orange.

Picture 008

In the middle of the orange was a baby orange!

Picture 012

Too cute, that made me smile for about 30 seconds.

After work I came right home and wallowed in my crankiness.  I didn’t even know what I wanted for dinner so I didn’t start cooking until I felt some hunger kick in.  Getting off the couch felt like such a chore.  I finally made myself put some water to boil on the stove and had my go to comfort meal of pasta.  I had whole wheat angel hair with too much sauce.

Picture 015

Picture 016

I would guess this is close to a serving size but somehow my kitchen scale melted and won’t turn on.  Of course it did why wouldn’t it? 

I’m off to drink a tall glass of water (it’s 85 in my apartment right now and we don’t have the AC’s in yet.)  And watch some more trashy tv. 

Hope you all have a great night and don’t forget tomorrow is Hump Day!  We’re getting close to the weekend.

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Back to Business

After such a great weekend it was awful getting up this morning.  In fact I left just in time to get to work, I had training again today so I had to quickly eat something I had another Luna Bar.  3 days in a row I snacked one.  That’s all I bought and I’m happy although I love the bars I’m such fan of convenience that I will grab a bar running out the door instead of taking the time to make something.

Picture 050

Picture 051

I have to say this was the least favorite one I’ve tried and I probably wouldn’t get it again.

Lunch today was a 2% Cherry Fage yogurt with granola crumbs, and an Arnold’s sandwich thin with pb.

Picture 052

Picture 053

Picture 055

Boring lunch but yet it was very filling.

I got out of work a little early to go hang out with my sister while my parents went to a meeting.  After everything that Jenna has been going through it has really made me realize how each day on earth is a blessing and shouldn’t be taken for granted and I need to make time to spend with my sister as often as possible, because you just never know what could happen. 

I had a left over turkey burger from last night with romaine lettuce, pickle, onion, montery jack cheese, and ketchup on an Arnold’s sandwich thin.

Picture 060

On the side I had a salad.

Picture 058

I also took advantage of my parent’s elliptical and was on it for almost 40 minutes and burned 287 calories.

I have no idea what to bring for lunch tomorrow so I need to go figure that out so I can get to bed!  Enjoy your night everyone!

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88 Degrees

It was 88 degrees here today!  I couldn’t believe how hot it got but could not have been happier!  I love that smell that summer has, I love the feeling of the sun beating down on me, I love the way the ocean shimmers, the way the sea breeze comes through my windows in the morning.  Summer is my favorite time of year by far.  When other people complain it’s hot I’m usually enjoying it and relishing in the heat.  Of course some days when it’s 90% humidity I’m uncomfortable but for the most part I can’t get enough.  I’m the kind of person who can lay out in the sun all day long while everyone around me is hiding in the shade or staying cool in the AC.  I’m a whole different person in the summer then in the winter, I’m just genuinely happier.  So I hope my posts continue to reflect my good mood.  I know there were quite a few posts in the winter where I was such a complainer. 

This morning I had a Luna bar before heading out for a walk.

Picture 001

Picture 002

What took me so long to try these?  They are fantastic, I still prefer clif bars but these are a very close second. 

Remember those flowers I was going to plant?  Yeah Andrew did it while I farted around on the internet.

Picture 004

Parlsey and sweet basil, can’t wait to use these.  I also have some spinach to plant.

And here are some flowers before they were planted.

Picture 006

Snap dragons, the spinach, and some other annuals, I forget what we got, they were a 1.88 at Lowes last night and that’s really the only reason we got them.

By the time we got out on the trail it was already hot, I think it was almost 10.  Andrew kindly took some more pictures of the trail this morning for me.

Picture 009

Picture 011

Picture 016

Someone informed me these are called Sea Geese, they look like ducks to me, but I have absolutely no clue if he was correct or not.  Okay, he didn’t inform me, he told his kid and I overheard.

Picture 023

Picture 025

I swear Andrew would make an awesome paparazzi he always takes pictures of me walking for no reason what-so-ever and I never even notice until I look at the camera.

By the time we were done walking it was almost 12 so we decided to count our bars for breakfast and get deli bagel sandwiches.

I got grilled chicken breast with fresh mozzarella and balsamic vinegar on a whole grain bagel.

Picture 029 

I can’t describe how good this was, I expected deli sliced chicken not a big juicy grilled piece.  It really was amazing and I ate 3/4’s of it.  Afterwards we went shopping for a birthday present for Andrew’s grandma, (we’re very last minute), we grabbed a beautiful hanging flower arrangement and I also got an Iced D&D coffee.

Picture 031

Andrew is clearly a creep.  And his arms aren’t that white anymore, they are bright red.  He’s my lobster. (Friends anyone?)

We hung out with his family for a few hours and then were headed back to my parents to spray paint our table.  It wasn’t dry when we left so I don’t have an after shot but I have plenty of pictures of it in process.

Picture 034

Picture 036

I’m a graffiti artist!

Picture 042

I’ll make sure to take some pictures when I go to get it tomorrow.  Oh and do you see that pink thing on the garbage can in the background?  That’s my cell phone, it now has brown spots on it because I’m an idiot.

So we once again ate dinner at my parents tonight (and spoiler alert I will be tomorrow too!)  We had turkey burgers and kettle chips!  Perfect summer food!

Picture 044

Mine was about 4 ounces (we got a one lb package and split it into 4 but didn’t have a scale at my parents house so I may be a little off.)  With Monterey jack cheese, a pickle, and some onions.

Picture 045

Then I had another pickle:

Picture 048

And then a bite of an extra hot dog.

Picture 049

Well I’m off to try to catch up on my blog reading!  Hope you all had a great weekend and I can’t wait to read what you have all been up to!

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Summer In The City

I had such a great day yesterday!  The weather was beautiful I got to hang out with 2 amazing girls and then have a barbeque at my parents.  Really can it get much better?  I have a ton of pictures to share and want to get back outside to enjoy this summery day as well so I’m just going to jump right into the recap of yesterday.

I woke up early and ate a container of Peach Chobani. 

Picture 024

While reading some blogs, then it was time to start getting ready.  I showered got dressed and ran out the door, I had the train times all mixed up and kept thinking I was catching a 10:07 but was actually taking the 10:23, the trains run every hour on the weekends on the 23’s to the city and the 07’s are the way home from the city.  Silly mistake but I got there with plenty of time to spare.  The train was so crowded because there was a Mets game yesterday at 1 so my train was packed and I got the worst seat you could get, all the way in the back of one of the cars with no window to look out of, made for a boring ride, but I used the time to listen to one of Jillian Michael’s podcasts, that made the train ride fly by.

Once my train pulled into Penn Station I met Vani and Sarah who sweetly met me right in the station since I would never have been able to find my way to PB & Co.  It was so nice of them and I can’t thank them enough, it was nice stepping off the train and seeing 2 friendly faces right away.  We walked about 30 blocks and the weather was absolutely gorgeous, perfect day to walk around.  We talked on the way about blogs and fitness of course!

Pb & Co was adorable!  I got the special sandwich of the week called the Pina Colada, it was their smooth operator pb, with pineapple jam, and coconut on wheat bread.  It was supposed to come with Cream Cheese but I’ve never liked that so I had it left off.  The sandwich was delicious!

Picture 027

Picture 028

I’ve never seen pineapple jam in the store before but now I’m determined to find it.

I also had some of Vani’s sampler platter it came with all of 8 of their pb’s and fun dippers of celery, carrots, apples, and melba toast crackers.  I tried the dark chocolate dream (which Vani correctly compared to pb chocolate frosting) and the White Chocolate wonderful.


Look at all the pb!  She kindly let me take home the container of Smooth Operator.

After lunch the girls lead me to a Tasti-D-Lite because everytime somebody posts something from there my mouth waters, and I don’t have any near me.  I sampled a pb flavor.

Picture 029

But then got a small cup of Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles.

Picture 030

After dessert Sarah and Vani crossed the street to get bubble tea which I sampled some of.  I thought it was very tasty but so weird!  I don’t know what it is but today I have a craving for some.  Weird right?  They told me it was like crack I should have believed them!  Here’s a picture of the 3 of us, me with my dessert and Sarah and Vani with their bubble tea.

sarah danielle vani

After a pit stop at CVS for Sarah,  (How are your feet today?)  we walked down to the Union Square Greenmarket. I didn’t take any pictures but Sarah did so check out her recap.  I did sample a few of the goods as well.

After our trip through the market Sarah and Vani once again escorted me to Penn Station!  I can’t thank them enough for being so kind as to come meet me there and taking me back!  I was sad our day was over but hopefully we’ll get together soon, I hope to take them to one of the beaches around here when they get the chance to come to NJ.  One thing I can say about the bloggers I’ve met so far is they are all really sweet and very fun people to spend time with!

On the train ride home I ate the potato chips I got at PB and Co.

Picture 032

After my train ride home I met Andrew at my parents house for a little barbeque after my hot walk around the city and a long day of train rides I decided to indulge in a little alcoholic beverage.

Picture 033

Does it get any better then a cold cider after a warm summer day?  God I wish I could drink beer though once summer comes around.

After spending some time in the sun the past few days I’m finally starting to see some color, check out my arm next to pale sister’s.

Picture 052

I think next to her anybody would be tan.

Everyone enjoyed the weather even camera shy Bailey!

Picture 043

My dad threw some steaks on the grill for dinner.

Picture 055

To start with dinner I had a salad with romaine lettuce and light caesar dressing.

Picture 067

And then I had a small piece of steak.

Picture 069


After dinner Andrew, my dad, and I ran to Lowes to pick out some plants, which we’ll be planting later today, I’ll be sure to take some pictures.

Today on our agenda we have taking a walk down by the bay, going to Andrew’s grandma’s house to celebrate her birthday, then spray painting some of our deck furniture, washing our cars, and another bbq at my parents house.  Plus some errands thrown in there along the way I’m sure.

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday!

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Go, Go, Go

I felt like since the moment I woke up this morning I have been rushing around to pack as much stuff into this one day. 

Last night after blogging I tried to fall asleep.  I’m usually lucky and can fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, it’s kind of a joke with Andrew that I can complete a sentence, roll over, and be asleep.  Well because of my large dose of caffeine so late in the day I didn’t get to sleep until after midnight, and for someone who never has trouble falling asleep it was awful.  Then I woke up at 1:20 thinking it was about 7am I was so wide awake.  I finally fell back to sleep by 2:30 and then woke up for good at 5:45AM.  Why can’t I wake up so easily during the week?

The sun was shining from the moment I got up so after watching Andrew head off to work I decided to enjoy my breakfast out on the deck.  I made a yogurt mess, in a very special “mug”, from my Aunt Suzy!

Picture 002

This is bigger then almost any bowl I have, can you imagine how long I would have been awake if I drank my coffee out of here last night?

In the bowl was Vanilla Chobani, a banana, frozen peach slices, grapes, and pb puffins.  I didn’t know exactly what I wanted so I just had a little of each.

Picture 004

And all mixed up:

Picture 010

After breakfast I decided to let it digest while watching America’s Next Top Model, then headed out to run some errands.

After my errands were finished I went to the gym I spent a little more then an hour there with 35 minutes on the treadmill, and the rest doing biceps, triceps, and deltoids.  I burned 393 calories 45% of which were fat.

Once I came home I refueled with a smoothie.

Picture 016

This smoothie contained:

  • spinach
  • 1 scoop soy protein powder
  • blueberries
  • skim milk
  • and more frozen peaches

To be honest this shake sucked I drank about 3/4’s of it and then had my first Luna Bar.

Picture 017

It was like crushed oreos on peppermint bark, I would eat this every day if given the opportunity.

Picture 018

Picture 019

After this I went out with my mom to do a few more errands.  Fridays have definitely become my “get everything boring out of the way” day.

Once again after returning home I headed back out for a walk on the trail with a friend.  We walked for over an hour and I burned 518 calories, 35% of which were fat. 

After the walk and I returned to the apartment and Andrew got home from work just a few minutes later.  At this point I had burned a total of 911 calories for the day and I was so hungry.  Andrew wanted subs and I thought that sounded like a great idea we went to a local sub shop called Jersey Mikes, they had nothing for me to eat there, no chicken breast and I don’t like turkey, there veggie selection was awful tomatoes, lettuce, and onions, and all they had for cheese were ones I’m not a fan of.  I’m so picky.  Next door was a pizza place so I grabbed 2 plain slices and we headed over to my parents house so I could pick up my dad’s train pass.

Picture 020

Plus another one a little smaller.  And a romaine salad.

Picture 022

With light Caesar dressing.

Now I’m back home and getting ready to go to bed, I can’t explain how tired I am in words right now.  I need to be well rested because I have a very exciting lunch date planned in the city with 2 fabulous bloggers!  Vani of Fit For Free and Sarah of Tales of Expansion!  I can’t wait to get to spend the day with them tomorrow!


Blogger BBQ Update

It seems like a quite a few of you are interested in doing this!  Which of course made me super happy.  If any of you know of any bloggers you think might be interested spread the word.

One thing I thought about last night was that the next month and a half is going to be a little crazy with vacation, a wedding shower, a communion, plus some other personal things.   So I’m shooting for the end of June for the BBQ how does this work for you guys?

Because of my mistake with the email address in yesterdays post I have made a list of anyone who commented saying they were interested.  After May 7th I should be able to set a final date for everything and will get in contact with those of you who contacted me either through email or in the comment section.

April 24, 2009 at 8:46 pm 10 comments

Most Pointless Day of Work EV-ER


My email address below was wrong, please see the corrected email address at the bottom of the page, so sorry about any confusion!

So I had some training today that was a complete waste of my time. I’m not going to go into details but I don’t think it was of any value to me.  Because of the training I was cranky all day.  The training started right at 8 so I got to work 10 minutes early and quickly ate my delicious breakfast I didn’t even get to enjoy it but I’m sure it was wonderful.  I had a 2% Cherry Fage with peak protein granola. 

Picture 001

Have you guys noticed that almost every picture I take at work,  has a ruler and a purple pen in it?  That’s my favorite pen, and unfortunately I have to use that ruler almost all day every day.  So, sorry if you’re sick of seeing it.

After my “oh so fun” morning I ate my lunch almost as quickly as my breakfast so I could go outside and take a walk and call everyone I knew to complain how much I hated today.  God I’m such a downer and a sailor, almost every word out of my mouth was an “F-Bomb”.   Lunch was a super easy wrap of pb and banana, not that you would be able to tell, I could have McDonald’s cheeseburgers in there but apparently I only took one picture of my wrap and you can not even see the contents.  Girl Scout Honor it was pb and banana.

Picture 003

Oh and for variety I threw a red pen in there!

After my training was over I had an orange.

Picture 004

After work Andrew picked me up and took me to D&D to get an iced coffee.  I’m so sensitive to caffeine I’m still wired hours later.  And there’s no picture because I wouldn’t shut my mouth long enough to think about getting out my camera.  Poor Andrew had to listen to me complain and tell stories of how hilariously sarcastic and bitchy I was all day, he couldn’t get a word in to tell me about his day.

My mom invited us over for dinner tonight and once I found out she was making a whole chicken I was sold on the idea.  Somehow Mom didn’t make a veggie tonight so my plate looks super boring, I assure you it was a treat for the taste buds though.  She made a side of oh so bad for you Rice-A-Roni and I was all over that.

Picture 006

I had another piece of chicken and another spoonful of rice.  Yummmmm!

So this weather we’re supposed to have this weekend made me think about my favorite things to do in the summer and BBQing is one of my favorites.  While talking to my dad tonight I though of the idea of having a (wait for it…)

 Blogger Barbeque. 

Would any of you from NJ or NY (I’m about an hour and 15 minute train ride from the city) or anywhere in the Tri-State area really, be interested in meeting and doing a BBQ in my parents backyard at some point this summer?  If you are send me an email:

If you are I can give you the details of where my parents live and you can see if it’s a trip you’d be willing to make.  I don’t really have any details obviously since I just thought of it but I don’t want to plan anything until I know that some of you are interested. 

Well even though I”m off tomorrow, my sweetheart is not and I’m going to go spend some quality time with him before he falls asleep.  Hope you all have a fabulous Friday and I’m hoping it goes by quickly.

April 23, 2009 at 9:02 pm 21 comments

Sunshine on the Horizon!

Happy Hump Day!  What a crazy week it has been, luckily I have some training tomorrow that will take me away from my desk all day.  Usually I stress about how my email will pile up but I’m just so excited to have an excuse to get out of my cubicle for a whole day!  Plus tomorrow is my Friday so it couldn’t have happened on a better day!  Plus when this is the weather forecast:


How can you not be excited for the weekend?

So I forgot my camera today, it’s been a while since I’ve done that huh?  I used my cell phone so I apologize for the less then stellar pictures.

Chobani came back in to my life!  I had a peach chobani with peak protein granola.


Amazing, couldn’t have asked for a better breakfast on a rainy day.

Lunch was the rest of my salad from yesterday.  I finally polished the whole thing off.


As you can see I had a ton left from yesterday those salads are pricey at 7 bucks but to get 2 meals out of it it’s not that bad.

For dinner tonight we decided to have “ice and lettuce cups with nothing in them. “ I’m kidding of course but we just watched The Biggest Loser from last night and that was something Bob said which for some reason made Andrew and I laugh hysterically.  Can you believe the meals those people were eating all while working out all day?  I think I’d pass out.

Dinner tonight was a freezer find.  Sometime in the fall we had made sausage, peppers, and onions, in tomato sauce.  Well that was pulled out of the freezer tonight, and eaten over whole wheat rotini  I don’t know what made me remember it was in there but for some reason I thought of it this morning and the idea never left my head.

Picture 003

Picture 007

I had one serving of pasta and lots of peppers and onions, and 5 slices of sausage.  Just the right amount.  Now I’m not going to lie if there was more sauce or pasta  I totally would have went back for seconds. Not because I was hungry but because this was so good.

Well I’m going to lay down now and watch the Mets game, they must have done something right because I can hear Andrew clapping.

April 22, 2009 at 8:07 pm 21 comments

Half Way There

One good thing about these short weeks is that I’m already half way through the week.  The past 2 Fridays Andrew has been on spring break, and so was my sister, and my dad was off as well.  It didn’t feel like I had weird days off because so did everyone else, this will be my first Friday watching Andrew wake up and go to school while I get to stay home.  That’s definitely going to be weird!  Luckily I have plans with a friend to go walking on the trail on Friday as well as some chores I would like to get done.  Until June, I’m booked solid for Saturday’s and Sunday’s so that extra day off is going to be like a God send for me.  It’s so nice to have these positive thoughts instead of worrying about money and getting stressed out over my shorter work weeks.

I was running low on things to bring to work for breakfast and lunch today so I had to improvise a little.  I brought an Arnold Sandwich Thin and smeared some pb on it when I got to work.  Such a simple breakfast that does wonders at keeping me satisfied.

Picture 002

At lunch time I ran out to get a salad, once again I went to Green Leaf’s a create your own salad place in the outlet mall across the street.  I walked around the mall for my 15 minutes of Movement, and then ordered my salad.

Picture 003

It contained, grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, cucs, cheddar cheese, and red onions.  With some Balsamic dressing on the side.

Picture 006

I also grabbed one of their multi grain rolls for on the side.

Picture 004

I didn’t even come close to finishing that salad and plan on having the rest tomorrow for lunch,

After lunch I was panicking because I thought I had lost something super important.  I looked everywhere for it, and questions multiple people who might have it to sign off.  No one seemed to know where it could be.  I emailed a friend about how upset and nervous I was that I had lost it, she told me to say a prayer to St. Anthony so I did.  Within minutes of saying the prayer one of my co-workers IMed me to tell me he did in fact have it on his desk and returned it to me.  What a relief!  I was so happy and really think St. Anthony brought it back to me. 

When I bought my lunch today I splurged on a bag of my favorite SunChips.

Picture 007 

Have any of you tried these?  Believe me when I tell you that they are better then the Harvest Cheddar.  They are a little bit spicy and so flavorful, do yourself a favor next time your out and pick up a bag of these.

Picture 008

After work I had to go to the store and pick up some essentials for the rest of the week.  Chobani has come back into my life and I’m already excited for my breakfast tomorrow.

When I got home I decided I wanted something super quick.  I cut up 4 mini sweet peppers and some onion and sautéed them until soft.  I put them on a tortilla with some cheese, added some spices and topped it with another tortilla.  After about 10 minutes I had a delicious quesadilla.

Picture 011

The 2 tortillas proved to be too filling and I ate a little less then 3/4’s of it. 

Well I’m waiting for my sweetie to get home with some aloe vera.  I have some sun burn on my back and it’s getting really itchy!

I hope you all have a fabulous night and a great Wednesday!

April 21, 2009 at 8:14 pm 10 comments

Rainy Monday

I’m so glad the rain held off until today as it was supposed to rain on and off yesterday. I don’t care what the weather is like Monday through Thursday but if I have the next 24 Friday’s off I want them to all be nice!  According to the weather this Friday and Saturday are supposed to be in the upper 70’s and sunny again, it’s still early in the week so clearly that can change but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it is true.

Yesterday after I blogged I went to my parents house, we sat out on their patio and snacked on some peanuts (unpictured) and enjoyed the time in the sun.  It wasn’t 80 like it had been on Saturday but I sat in the sun and enjoyed the warmth.  My mom invited us to stay for dinner and she was making my favorite roast beef so we stayed.  It looks very similar to last weeks Easter dinner because we had the same sides but instead of prime rib I enjoyed 2 pieces of roast beef.

Picture 002

With Mashed potatoes (I had a second helping).

Picture 003

And a ton of asparagus.

Picture 005

All together:

Picture 006

Fantastic dinner.  To finish out our almost Easter repeat I also had a piece of cheese cake left over from last week.

Picture 008

So good, thank God this is in their fridge and not mine or this cake would have been eaten in a couple days.

After dinner we came home where I organized my things for the week and promptly fell asleep.  This 8 hours of sleep is wonderful!

Today was a day of mostly leftovers, sorry if they are boring.

I made a full batch of pancakes yesterday so I brought in the 3 leftovers.  I was asked by Erin if I have a recipe for these pancakes.  I didn’t make these from scratch but used the Whole Foods 265 brand of Whole Wheat buttermilk pancakes, they are really delicious but definitely not quite as fluffy as regular pancakes, but I really enjoy them.

I smeared a litlte pb on each of my leftover pancakes, these were amazing.

Picture 010

For lunch today I continued with the leftover trend and had the last of my turkey burgers from Friday.  I had it on an Arnold Sandwich thin.  We’ve always had ketchup packets at work but apparently they were all out but I actually enjoyed this a lot plain.

Picture 013

After work I had an errand to run and then went straight to the gym.  I was so hungry (I should have had something to eat at work but I didn’t get hungry until I was in the middle of working out.  I burned about 307 calories but then called it quits, it was embarrassing how loudly my stomach was growling.  I came home and threw together a spinach pizza.

Picture 016

For the whole pizza I used about 1 cup of spinach, and 2 ounces of cheese.  I didn’t think I’d eat the whole thing but I totally did.

Before I go jump in the shower and get ready for bed I was tagged by Brandi to fill out the Survey of 8’s.  I love filling these things out so I of course was happy to do it.

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:
1. Vacation next month!
2. The 4th of July (it’s such a fun holiday!)
3. Spending time with my friends outside on my deck during the summer.
4. Seeing my family in a couple weeks for my cousin’s communion
5. Being in my friend Laura’s wedding next year
6. My cousin’s wedding to be over and done with in September.
7. Moving down South eventually
8. Going to the beach on Fridays.

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Slept late (whoops)
2. made/ate pancakes
3. caught up with things on our DVR
4. Went to my parents house
5. Enjoyed the warmth of the sun outside on their patio
6. Ate a fabulous dinner made by mom
7. took a short nap on my parents couch
8. Snuggled in bed and watched some TV with Andrew.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Not have to worry about money EVER!
2. Get to my goal weight.
3. be able to travel more
4. Cut my hair (my cousin won’t let me for her wedding…yuck!)
5. Live somewhere warm year round.
6. Be able to write for a magazine.
7. Lighten up.
8. Not take out my frustrations on others.

8 Shows I Watch:
1. The Office
2. Real Housewives of wherever (I’m addicted)
3. America’s Next Top Model
4. Biggest Loser
5. Ugly Betty
6. Hell’s Kitchen
7. Parks and Recreation (Love this new show, it’s so much like the office)
8. How I Met Your Mother

So now I have to tag 8 people to fill out this survey, sorry if any of you have already been tagged or already have done it if I missed it!

  1. Kate
  2. Vani
  3. Erin
  4. Sharon
  5. Ellie
  6. Tina
  7. Amanda
  8. Caroline

Hope you all have a great night!  It just started thundering and lightening here, what a weird day!

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