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Where Did the Sun Go?

Today I woke up to a beautiful sunny day, then I walked outside and “brrr” it was cold, and unfortunately the sun didn’t stick around long and by 9 it was look more like winter then like the sunny spring days we’ve been having.  I’m thisclose to packing up my things and heading south.

At work today I realized that I have training for the next 4 work days, meaning with Friday off the next time I’ll be sitting at my desk will be Wednesday.  Today was crazy busy trying to get everything done so that I won’t be bothered during training.  I’m so looking forward to my first Friday off.   I have moved past the point of panic and have decided to just relax and enjoy the long weekends.  Obviously if I need the money I’ll pick something up but I have a feeling I’ll be okay for a while. 

I still have a lot of blog reading and commenting to do so let’s get into today’s eats.

For breakfast this morning I had overnight oats.  I was going to attempt to eat it cold as I’ve seen some bloggers do.  Totally not my cup of tea, the picture is from before I heated it up but after a couple bites I marched my behind to the microwave and nuked it.

Picture 001

It doesn’t even look good does it?

For lunch today I revisited a meal I really enjoyed a few weeks ago, a pb and apple sandwich.

Picture 002

Picture 003

I can’t believe it took me 24 years to try this sandwich but it’s definitely one of my favorites.

While hurrying to get my work done I snacked on some grapes around 3:30.

Picture 004

They are totally on their last leg.

After work I came home and did all the dishes in the sink while contemplating what I wanted for dinner.  I had no clue what-so-ever, I think mentally I’m so ready to be eating meat again that nothing sounds good unless it’s got chicken in it.  I still hadn’t figured it out a while later but decided to have some tacos using MorningStar veggie crumbles.

Picture 005

While heating up the crumbles I also added from frozen corn kernels and then mixed in the taco seasoning.  I had it on a ww wrap with less then an ounce of cheese, and some romaine lettuce.  I loved the crunch the corn added to the taco.  I plan on adding corn more often.

Well like I said I still have some catching up to do with my Google reader, so I will “see” you all tomorrow evening.

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