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88 Degrees

It was 88 degrees here today!  I couldn’t believe how hot it got but could not have been happier!  I love that smell that summer has, I love the feeling of the sun beating down on me, I love the way the ocean shimmers, the way the sea breeze comes through my windows in the morning.  Summer is my favorite time of year by far.  When other people complain it’s hot I’m usually enjoying it and relishing in the heat.  Of course some days when it’s 90% humidity I’m uncomfortable but for the most part I can’t get enough.  I’m the kind of person who can lay out in the sun all day long while everyone around me is hiding in the shade or staying cool in the AC.  I’m a whole different person in the summer then in the winter, I’m just genuinely happier.  So I hope my posts continue to reflect my good mood.  I know there were quite a few posts in the winter where I was such a complainer. 

This morning I had a Luna bar before heading out for a walk.

Picture 001

Picture 002

What took me so long to try these?  They are fantastic, I still prefer clif bars but these are a very close second. 

Remember those flowers I was going to plant?  Yeah Andrew did it while I farted around on the internet.

Picture 004

Parlsey and sweet basil, can’t wait to use these.  I also have some spinach to plant.

And here are some flowers before they were planted.

Picture 006

Snap dragons, the spinach, and some other annuals, I forget what we got, they were a 1.88 at Lowes last night and that’s really the only reason we got them.

By the time we got out on the trail it was already hot, I think it was almost 10.  Andrew kindly took some more pictures of the trail this morning for me.

Picture 009

Picture 011

Picture 016

Someone informed me these are called Sea Geese, they look like ducks to me, but I have absolutely no clue if he was correct or not.  Okay, he didn’t inform me, he told his kid and I overheard.

Picture 023

Picture 025

I swear Andrew would make an awesome paparazzi he always takes pictures of me walking for no reason what-so-ever and I never even notice until I look at the camera.

By the time we were done walking it was almost 12 so we decided to count our bars for breakfast and get deli bagel sandwiches.

I got grilled chicken breast with fresh mozzarella and balsamic vinegar on a whole grain bagel.

Picture 029 

I can’t describe how good this was, I expected deli sliced chicken not a big juicy grilled piece.  It really was amazing and I ate 3/4’s of it.  Afterwards we went shopping for a birthday present for Andrew’s grandma, (we’re very last minute), we grabbed a beautiful hanging flower arrangement and I also got an Iced D&D coffee.

Picture 031

Andrew is clearly a creep.  And his arms aren’t that white anymore, they are bright red.  He’s my lobster. (Friends anyone?)

We hung out with his family for a few hours and then were headed back to my parents to spray paint our table.  It wasn’t dry when we left so I don’t have an after shot but I have plenty of pictures of it in process.

Picture 034

Picture 036

I’m a graffiti artist!

Picture 042

I’ll make sure to take some pictures when I go to get it tomorrow.  Oh and do you see that pink thing on the garbage can in the background?  That’s my cell phone, it now has brown spots on it because I’m an idiot.

So we once again ate dinner at my parents tonight (and spoiler alert I will be tomorrow too!)  We had turkey burgers and kettle chips!  Perfect summer food!

Picture 044

Mine was about 4 ounces (we got a one lb package and split it into 4 but didn’t have a scale at my parents house so I may be a little off.)  With Monterey jack cheese, a pickle, and some onions.

Picture 045

Then I had another pickle:

Picture 048

And then a bite of an extra hot dog.

Picture 049

Well I’m off to try to catch up on my blog reading!  Hope you all had a great weekend and I can’t wait to read what you have all been up to!


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Summer In The City

I had such a great day yesterday!  The weather was beautiful I got to hang out with 2 amazing girls and then have a barbeque at my parents.  Really can it get much better?  I have a ton of pictures to share and want to get back outside to enjoy this summery day as well so I’m just going to jump right into the recap of yesterday.

I woke up early and ate a container of Peach Chobani. 

Picture 024

While reading some blogs, then it was time to start getting ready.  I showered got dressed and ran out the door, I had the train times all mixed up and kept thinking I was catching a 10:07 but was actually taking the 10:23, the trains run every hour on the weekends on the 23’s to the city and the 07’s are the way home from the city.  Silly mistake but I got there with plenty of time to spare.  The train was so crowded because there was a Mets game yesterday at 1 so my train was packed and I got the worst seat you could get, all the way in the back of one of the cars with no window to look out of, made for a boring ride, but I used the time to listen to one of Jillian Michael’s podcasts, that made the train ride fly by.

Once my train pulled into Penn Station I met Vani and Sarah who sweetly met me right in the station since I would never have been able to find my way to PB & Co.  It was so nice of them and I can’t thank them enough, it was nice stepping off the train and seeing 2 friendly faces right away.  We walked about 30 blocks and the weather was absolutely gorgeous, perfect day to walk around.  We talked on the way about blogs and fitness of course!

Pb & Co was adorable!  I got the special sandwich of the week called the Pina Colada, it was their smooth operator pb, with pineapple jam, and coconut on wheat bread.  It was supposed to come with Cream Cheese but I’ve never liked that so I had it left off.  The sandwich was delicious!

Picture 027

Picture 028

I’ve never seen pineapple jam in the store before but now I’m determined to find it.

I also had some of Vani’s sampler platter it came with all of 8 of their pb’s and fun dippers of celery, carrots, apples, and melba toast crackers.  I tried the dark chocolate dream (which Vani correctly compared to pb chocolate frosting) and the White Chocolate wonderful.


Look at all the pb!  She kindly let me take home the container of Smooth Operator.

After lunch the girls lead me to a Tasti-D-Lite because everytime somebody posts something from there my mouth waters, and I don’t have any near me.  I sampled a pb flavor.

Picture 029

But then got a small cup of Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles.

Picture 030

After dessert Sarah and Vani crossed the street to get bubble tea which I sampled some of.  I thought it was very tasty but so weird!  I don’t know what it is but today I have a craving for some.  Weird right?  They told me it was like crack I should have believed them!  Here’s a picture of the 3 of us, me with my dessert and Sarah and Vani with their bubble tea.

sarah danielle vani

After a pit stop at CVS for Sarah,  (How are your feet today?)  we walked down to the Union Square Greenmarket. I didn’t take any pictures but Sarah did so check out her recap.  I did sample a few of the goods as well.

After our trip through the market Sarah and Vani once again escorted me to Penn Station!  I can’t thank them enough for being so kind as to come meet me there and taking me back!  I was sad our day was over but hopefully we’ll get together soon, I hope to take them to one of the beaches around here when they get the chance to come to NJ.  One thing I can say about the bloggers I’ve met so far is they are all really sweet and very fun people to spend time with!

On the train ride home I ate the potato chips I got at PB and Co.

Picture 032

After my train ride home I met Andrew at my parents house for a little barbeque after my hot walk around the city and a long day of train rides I decided to indulge in a little alcoholic beverage.

Picture 033

Does it get any better then a cold cider after a warm summer day?  God I wish I could drink beer though once summer comes around.

After spending some time in the sun the past few days I’m finally starting to see some color, check out my arm next to pale sister’s.

Picture 052

I think next to her anybody would be tan.

Everyone enjoyed the weather even camera shy Bailey!

Picture 043

My dad threw some steaks on the grill for dinner.

Picture 055

To start with dinner I had a salad with romaine lettuce and light caesar dressing.

Picture 067

And then I had a small piece of steak.

Picture 069


After dinner Andrew, my dad, and I ran to Lowes to pick out some plants, which we’ll be planting later today, I’ll be sure to take some pictures.

Today on our agenda we have taking a walk down by the bay, going to Andrew’s grandma’s house to celebrate her birthday, then spray painting some of our deck furniture, washing our cars, and another bbq at my parents house.  Plus some errands thrown in there along the way I’m sure.

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday!

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