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Cheese From a What?!

Sorry I didn’t post last night there’s so much going on here and not enough time in the day.  I have a very busy weekend and I’m not sure I’ll be able to read and comment blogs but by Friday afternoon I should be home free and able to catch up! 

For breakfast yesterday I totally switched it up and some cereal, blackberries, and non-greek yogurt (gasp).  I decided to splurge on other things at whole foods the other day and didn’t grab any.  I bought a big container of Stoneyfield Vanilla yogurt, it’s okay but it’s not thick and creamy like I’m used to!

Picture 002

This cereal mix is 365 brand high fiber cereal and Kashi Island Vanilla.  How have I never gotten this before?  It’s so delicious!

If you haven’t noticed the trend this week I didn’t make lunches ahead and was forced to leave and pick up something for lunch.  Yesterday I went for a cheap meal from Quick Check, I got a whole wheat wrap with roast beef, fresh mozzarella, cucs, red onions, lettuce, and vinegar.

Picture 004


Once I came back from work I was accosted by co-workers to try a snack that one of them had brought back from his trip home to Mongolia.  This man has brought in things to our pot lucks like yak cheese, and horse milk.  My first question was if it was yak cheese, he answered it wasn’t and then handed me a piece of this.

Picture 010 

Any guesses?  He broke me off a much smaller piece for me to try.  I put it in my mouth and instantly I was hit with this tangy sour taste.  It was definitely cheese but I couldn’t figure out how cheese could be crunchy like a meringue.  The flavor was pretty awful but bearable.  After I said it tasted like a bad piece of cheese cake that had been left out in the sun, they told me what I had just consumed.


OH MY GOD!  I didn’t know what to think, I promptly returned the rest of this chunk and then drank a whole bottle of water.  After about an hour I started to feel a little nauseous so I decided to eat something that I know would taste wonderful and hopefully settle the feeling in my tummy! 

Picture 009

It worked until other co-workers started trying it, and I started to feel ill again.  So did my boss so we took a lot of unscheduled breaks to go outside and get some fresh air.

Dinner last night was a taco made out of 3 meatless meatballs.

Picture 012

This was fantastic as usual.

After dinner I went to go see Jessica’s,  one of my best friend’s, new apartment!  She is moving into an apartment about a 5 minute walk from us!  Just like Andrew and I, she’s living on the 3rd floor of an old Victorian house.  It’s adorable and I couldn’t wait to see it!  So we spent the evening hanging out there helping her clean.  After we got home it was time for us to clean because my aunt might be stopping by tonight. 

On the Agenda for the weekend.


  • bank
  • mall with mom
  • lunch with mom and her friend
  • helping Jessica move in
  • visiting with my aunt from Virginia
  • shopping for vacation clothes!


  • Driving up to upstate NY for my cousin’s communion and communion party, which is an all day affair.


  • Setting up my cousin’s bridal shower
  • Then the shower itself, I’m dreading it, I don’t get along with the bride’s mom, my aunt, and her other daughter and my cousin, we haven’t spoken to each other in over 3 years.  They both still owe me an apology for something my cousin did to me and they refuse to see that she is wrong.  The details are so old and boring I won’t get into it, but I’m hoping Sunday is drama free.
    Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!  Hopefully I’ll be popping in from time to time!

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