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Greetings from Vacation

Well after a super long trip in the car, that felt like it would never end, we arrived in NC.  We got here around 12am.  The first thing we did was get changed and jump in the pool before passing out.  But let’s back up to the time leading up to and including the road trip.

After avoiding the hornet/wasp/killer bee I finished loading up the car and headed out for the last minute errands.  Nothing went right!  I went to cash in some change we had been saving ($201!!!), the first bank I tried the machine was broken, the second machine became full after a few minutes and I waited for assistance (for-ev-er), once I left the second bank I was forced to turn right instead of the left I wanted to make, and I ended up a little lost.  I ended up getting to the school kind of early so I stopped for lunch and had a salad.


This salad include, romaine, cucs, onions, chicken, and a very small amount of cheddar cheese, with a light balsamic dressing on the side (hiding in the background).  I ate about 1/2, but did eat all the chicken.   After leaving the outlet center I couldn’t find my car and was convinced it had been stolen.  After taking a few minutes to walk around I located the car exactly where I had left it.

Finally I picked up Andrew and we were on our way.  I drove a total of 40 minutes before I switched with Andrew, I didn’t even make it out of Jersey, my job is to be the entertainment not the driver. 

About 1/2 way through the ride we had clif bars.


After yet another 2 hours we stopped for dinner.  I have not eaten fast food this year but unfortunately I broke that strike last night.  We stopped at Wendy’s where I ate a small chili (ate a little more then 1/2) and a baked potato.




At the time I was concerned I made the wrong choices with the chili but after looking up the nutrition facts the chili had 190 calories and 6 grams of fat.  With the weird buttery spread this whole meal (had I finished the chili which I didn’t) was 570 calories and 11 grams of fat.  Not bad for fast food, and definitely not what I expected it to be.  Pleasant surprise not something I’ll do regularly but during a 9 hour road trip I feel like I made the best choice.

It felt so good when we pulled in the driveway and were able to jump out of the car we put our bathing suits on and jumped right into the (heated pool).

The sun just came out after a little rain so I’m going to go jump in the pool and enjoy it. 

I’ll be trying to comment on your blogs at night I know I already have a ton to catch up on!  Enjoy your Saturday!


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