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I’m Embarrassed…

Not only have I been a horrible blogger, I haven’t been living by the title of the blog either.  I don’t know what happened but since coming back from vacation I’ve gotten kind of lazy. 

I haven’t been eating fast food, or junk of any kind really.  It’s been more like I’ve been skipping meals.  On Thursday I completely forgot to bring food to work and instead of running out at lunch time and grabbing something or getting instant oatmeal from the vending machine I decided instead to just wait until I got home to eat.  That of course is not healthy.

I’ve chosen bars too often for a fast and easy meal, I’ve been lacking in veggies, and fresh fruit.  And each day I come home and decide not to blog because my choices were not good and I was embarrassed.

This weekend was full of bbq’s and family dinners, Friday I ate a healthy breakfast and tried to get back to my normal routine and then had to run out to get my dress for my cousins wedding from the bridal shop.  As soon as I walked in the lady who worked there commented on my weight loss and she said there was no way my dress would fit.  The dress was so big I was able to keep a hoodie and my jeans on and slide it over my head without unzipping the back, and I was still swimming in the fabric.  My friend joked that she could have gotten in there with me, and I kept calling it my parachute.

That should have reminded me of how far I’ve come this year and how eating healthy and working out was clearly working for me.

Instead I decided I was far too busy to stop and eat lunch and didn’t eat again until 10 that night, and again that is a horrible choice.

Saturday I skipped breakfast and decided to eat at 1, I had a grilled chicken sandwich and then we went to a BBQ at Andrew’s aunt’s house, I had a burger.

This morning I completely skipped breakfast again, and instead ate ANOTHER burger at his Grandmother’s house. 

My parents and sister took Andrew, his mom, dad, sister, brother, and myself out to dinner tonight to celebrate our engagement.  I finally had some fresh veggies with a salad and then a chicken parm dinner, since I told myself I could have one on my birthday but then gave up meat for lent I decided I could have it tonight.  I had about a 1/3 of the chicken and none of the pasta it was served with. 

There is no excuse for skipping meals and not trying harder to work in the veggies and fruit.   I need to do some major food shopping and bring all my favorite fresh produce into the house so I have it at my fingertips,  I need to meal plan for the week and stop making it easy for myself to skip meals.

I’m sorry I’ve been kind of flakey on the blog lately but I hope this explains everything.


Have you ever found yourself making more unhealthy choices then healthy ones?  Do you have any advice for me?


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