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To My Best Friend on His Birthday

This was supposed to post on Friday but for some reason it didn’t.  Friday was Andrew’s birthday but we were camping, I have a lot to catch up on including all the pictures from our camping trip but for now I’m just going to finally post his birthday post!  We’re going to a friends graduation party right now, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to post our camping trip!



Today is Andrew’s 24th Birthday!  Andrew and I met Freshmen year of High School, and I had a crush on him right away.  We became pretty good friends and then Junior year of high school we went out for about 5 months before I broke up with him.  I wish I could find the pictures of us from way back then but I did a quick search around the house and couldn’t find any.

The summer between Freshmen and Sophomore year of college we ran into each other and started hanging out again.  That whole summer Andrew, his twin brother Matt, his cousin George, my best friend Michelle, and I were inseparable.  We did everything together whether it be just going to the diner for coffee, or watching movies at Michelle’s house.  After that summer,  we both went back to our colleges, mine in Pennsylvania, and him up to Montclair.  We continued to hang out on weekends and then when we came home for Christmas, I realized just how much I really did like him.  I went back to school and one night we were talking on line I mentioned how much I liked him and how I wasn’t going to look for anyone else while I was away.  He agreed and a couple nights later we started going out again.  That was nearly 5 years ago now and I have to say I am so extremely thankful that I ran into him that summer night.  Otherwise who knows if we ever would have gotten back together.  We’ve had so much fun together and I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with him.

Picture 137

He always knows how to make me laugh.

Picture 138

Copy of christmas break 011

Picture 196

Picture 393

Picture 425

Halloween this past year, we were McCain and Palin.

Picture 572

summer and montclair 006

summer and montclair 029

summer and montclair 326 

Picture 492

Picture 497

Happy 24th Birthday Baby!


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