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Back To Basics

For me that means back to blogging.  These past weeks have been insanely busy for me, and this blog was one of the things to fall by the wayside.  I was eating really repetitively and didn’t fell it was necessary nor interesting to post my peanut butter lunch everyday.   The busier I got the more boring meals got, and the less likely I was to blog about it.  But I’ve really missed sharing things with you guys, and I’ve really missed taking the time out of my day to recap what I ate.  I realized this blog wasn’t just about food, but it’s helped me to keep track of so many important things that have happened this year. 

This afternoon at work I was thinking about my blog and getting back to it.  I decided that although I have taken no pictures of food for the past few weeks, I have a lot to share, and although I’ll start with my regular food blogging tomorrow I wanted to update you all on what I’ve been busy doing.

Shortly after the camping trip in my last post, Andrew and I took a trip out to Ohio to visit my first childhood friend, Tiffany.  We lived right across the street from eachother for about 8 years, and so many of my early memories involve her and her family.  Last summer I was honored to be a part of her wedding, and this past July she gave birth to her first child, a beautiful baby boy named Logan.  I posted about him here.  We both took a long weekend and traveled out to Ohio to see him. 


But it was definitely worth the 8 hour each way drive to hold him, and kiss those chubby cheeks.


Andrew definitely got in on the baby loving action too.

Picture 002


It took a lot for me to leave Ohio come that Monday morning.  Tiffany’s family is so much fun, she’s one of 5 kids, and they are all hilarious to be around.  Her family was very welcoming, and it felt like we don’t live hundreds of miles apart when I’m there but right across the street still.

Just a week after that was my cousin Nicci’s bachelorette party.  She decided she wanted to just hit up a local bar and that everyone, even the boys, were included.  I think it’s pretty obvious that there were lots of drinks consumed, and even more pictures taken.

Picture 005

Nicci and I, what a beautiful bride!

Picture 020

Picture 021

Group shots of Little Guinness. My favorite shot by far.

Picture 030

Did I mention we were pretty much the only people at the bar?  It was like we rented it out just for her party.

Picture 044

Cute couple!

Picture 012

Of course 2 weeks flew by after that night and it was time for the wedding weekend!  It was absolutely beautiful and overall the day was pretty much perfect.  But we did have to spend some time partying after the rehearsal Friday night.

Once again there was lots of drinking, this time no shots, just lots of wine and champagne, we were celebrating afterall.

Picture 008

How adorable is my cousin?

Picture 011

Dance music from a clock radio and lots of delicious Italian food.

After all the wine and champagne were gone from the room we went on an adventure to find a bar.  Unfortunately the only proof I have this are horrible blurry pictures of our midnight walk.

Picture 018

Picture 015

For some reason all bars were closed and we were left to go back to the presidential suite and just continue the fun without anymore drinks.

The next morning we were up at 9 and started getting ready almost instantly.  It was a fun but emotional day and we were all excited for the ceremony to start.  Without videos to post it’s hard for me to explain what a fun and perfect ceremony it was.  I also have pretty crappy pictures from the ceremony too.

Picture 023


Mother of the Bride and Brother of the Bride.


That’s me walking down the aisle.


The Beautiful Bride!

After a great ceremony came a fun reception. 

 Picture 025

Peacock Ice Sculpture.


The Newlyweds!

Picture 060

That my Mom and me, isn’t she beautiful?

Picture 066

That’s my handsome Dad!

Picture 076


Picture 121

My handsome date and I.

Picture 163

Amazing centerpieces!

Picture 083

My favorite picture of the evening.  My grandma, grandpa and myself.  I blew this up and plan on framing it.

All-in-all the wedding was a great success.

Just one week later, this past Saturday, there was some more wedding related fun, this time a Bridal Shower for my friend Laura.  I was taking pictures with her camera most of the party, so I only have a few to share.

Picture 049

The toilet paper wedding dress game!  Always hilarious!

Picture 050 

And that’s pretty much all I got!  I thought I got more then that!

Well anyway that’s what’s been going on for me.  I look forward to getting back to regular blogging, and can’t wait to start food blogging once again tomorrow night, I know this was a really picture heavy post, so thanks if you made it all the way through!


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