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Hump Day in the Hospital

Happy Wednesday, the weeks more then 1/2 over.  Thank God it’s been one thing after another all week and I’ll be happy when it’s over.   I want to thank everyone who commented yesterday with ideas on how to combat those days where you are just feel hungry alllllll day.  Thanks for the tips!

I woke up this morning to a blanket of snow, Andrew had a snow day from school, I was so jealous, but they didn’t wind up plowing our road until almost 9.  I asked Andrew to drive me in because I’m a complete baby when it comes to driving in the snow.   So I got to work after 10.

Before I left I had a great breakfast of Fage 0% and blueberries.

Picture 007

Delicious combo, I haven’t had blueberries in so long it was a welcome change of pace.

For lunch I had another toasted ww bagel with peanut butter.

Picture 010

I ate about 1/2 of this when I got a text from my mom that said Andrew was coming to pick up her and my sister up to take my sister, Kristin, to the ER.  I couldn’t eat anymore I was so worried.  Kristin had been complaining she didn’t feel good last night and then this morning she fainted.  My mom was really concerned because my sister has only fainted one other time, she hadn’t been hungry, she had a terrible cough, and she didn’t seem right once she came to after passing out.  I felt so bad knowing my little sister was at the hospital and since Andrew was taking her I had no way to get there.  I felt helpless.  Luckily once my boss came back from lunch I explained to her that I was going to be leaving as soon as Andrew could come to get me.  She offered to drive me to the hospital so I wouldn’t chew all my nails off waiting to find out what was going on.

I know Kristin  hates hospitals, and I was worried it was pneumonia or something worse and she’d have to stay awhile.  But luckily once my boss dropped me off they were already running tests on her and it turned out she just had the flu.  I was so thankful, that it wasn’t anything too serious.  I was happy I had gotten there in time for her to get her blood work so I was able to be there to hold her hand.  She’s home now after the felt she was hydrated enough from the IV.  

Once we were able to leave we went back to my parents house to change into our gym clothes.  While I was there I ate the gala apple you see in the background from my lunch.

And here’s a close up:

Picture 016

The gym was pretty much just okay today.  Not my best day but not my worst.  I was so hungry at this point I think my body needed some serious fuel and that apple just wasn’t enough.

Once we got back to the apartment we made something fast and easy.  Chicken Quesadillas.  (Pronounced like the grandma from Napoleon Dynamite does “Make yourself a dang ques-a-dilla!”)

Mine included mexican blend cheese, 4 ounces of chicken, peppers and onions.  With some salsa for dipping.

Picture 023

On the side I also had some brown rice.

Picture 026

It definitely hit the spot after such a long day. I’m so ready for bed, sorry I didn’t get to comment any of your lovely blogs today, I’ll try to do some catching up now but then it’s bed time for serious.

Good night everyone!

January 28, 2009 at 8:24 pm 5 comments

Bottomless Pit

My goodness I have been so hungry all day!  I know days like this will happen from time to time, and I hope I get better dealing with those days where all I want to do is eat and eat and eat!

Breakfast this morning was Fage 0% yogurt with granola and cranberries.

Picture 001

So good, although Chobani is definitely my favorite this is not far behind.   I love the tart cranberries mixed into the yogurt.  One of my favorite combinations.

My hunger attacks didn’t start until later in the day so this held me over until lunch.

Lunch was a pb and banana sandwich on an Arnold Sandwich Thin.

Picture 005

And 2 of my beloved clementines!!!

Picture 006

That’s what my stomach became a bottomless pit.

At 3 I ate peanuts.

Picture 007

I made it home for dinner without gnawing off my arm somehow.

For dinner I made a stir fry.

It contained

  • a green pepper
  • some onion
  • broccoli stalks
  • carrots
  • chicken
  • & brown rice

Picture 013

This held me over for about 10 minutes.

Then I ate about 8 Quaker Oatmeal mini rice cakes.  Then I drank some water.  Then while I was on the phone with my friend Michelle, I mindlessly grabbed a spoon and my jar of peanut butter and took a big spoonful and ate it right out of the jar.  It was heavenly, but so not needed.    I feel satisfied finally!  But seriously that was a lot of eats in just a couple hours.  Sorry there are no pictures of my snacks they were in my mouth faster then any camera could have snapped a pic of them.

So on days like this where I just can’t get enough food, what’s something I can do?  Does anyone have any tips on squishing that feeling, or a snack that almost always knocks out the hunger?

Hope you all have a good night, I’m hoping for another snow day but I’m not holding my breath.

January 27, 2009 at 9:15 pm 8 comments

Quick post before bed

I had a long day, and another sinus headache.  So this is going to be a quick post with just my eats.  Sorry for the lack of comments on all your blogs, it was a super busy day at work followed by a meeting at the gym to sign up for a personal trainer.  I got a great deal, and was able to do 10 miles on the bike while waiting for my appointment. Good day for me, bad day for blogging.  But thanks for all your advice on the acupuncture, a few of you suggested trying to switch doctors, unfortunately this is through my car insurance since it is because of an accident, getting them to approve acupuncture itself isn’t easy, and now switching doctors could be a nightmare.  I’m giving it one more shot tomorrow and if all goes well I’ll continue. If it’s like yesterday I’ll be giving up unless I can get approval to go somewhere else.

Onto the eats:

Breakfast, switching it up with Fage.  It had puffins mixed in and my last clementine (!) on the side.


Lunch was my leftovers from the other night, and  a lettuce-less salad (green peppers, cucumber, and carrot) with light balsamic dressing. 




My snack was the apple you see in the background.  Another braeburn, I had it around 3:30.

Before heading to the gym I had 1/2 a carrot cake clif bar.


Dinner was after the gym, I went to Subway with an old friend who works at the gym (and also got me the sweet deal for the trainer.)  Here’s a picture I snapped with my cell phone.  Sorry it’s not the best photo.


It was the veggie delight with lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers, onions, and banana peppers, with vinegar on it. 


Sorry again about my lack of stellar posting, and also my lack of commenting, I’ll be back in full force tomorrow I hope.

January 13, 2009 at 9:57 pm 6 comments

Oh Hello…

I’m jumping on the bandwagon.  After silently lurking on all the food blogs for the past few months, I’ve decided to give it a go.  I’ve written a little introduction so please feel free to look at my “About Me” section to find out why I’m doing this blog. 

Since it’s my first post and I’m exhausted let’s just get right into today’s eats, and take it from me they are not the best, but for day one I gave it some effort.

Last night, being New Year’s Eve, got me off to late start.  I slept until 10! Not usual for me at all.  I woke up with a horrible combination sinus headache and hangover.  But I knew last night that it was going to be my last time drinking in excess for sometime.  When I woke up I did not feel like eating, and actually wound up laying back down for a couple hours.  I did drink a lot of water though to try to re-hydrate myself.

After finally getting back up I had this:


It’s a big glass of more water, 2 clementines, and a yogurt mix.  Greek Yogurt with puffins and pomegranate.  Well, let me start off by saying I LOVE greek yogurt, as many other bloggers do.  I eat Chobani almost every single day.   So one day while browsing Costco with my dad I found 2 large tubs of greek yogurt for 6 bucks.  I was so happy I grabbed it without even realizing it wasn’t fat free like my typical chobani, but decided to give it a chance today.  It was horrible, terrible!  I literally gagged while eating it.  I couldn’t even attempt a second bite.  It was Cabot’s brand and my recommendation to anyone would be to stay away from it.

So I ate the delicious clementines and of course was still hungry so I grabbed some leftover pizza from last night.  What a wonderful start to my “year of healthy eats”.


Pepperoni no less.  Looking back I should have grabbed a cliff bar since I just restocked my supply.  Oh well, with the way I was feeling I’m surprised I stopped at just one slice.

So since this was so late in the day and my appetite was so crazy I didn’t eat again until dinner time.  And already I’m a bad food blogger because there’s no picture.  My boyfriend, Andrew, and I were having both our parents and sisters, over for dinner tonight.  It was our first joint family dinner.  We’ve been together for almost 4 years now, but just moved in together back in June.  So we decided for New Years to invite our families over for a nice dinner.  I cooked a gigantic roast beef, and it went great.  I didn’t want to take pictures of my plate in front of our parents as I haven’t told them about the blog yet.  I’m sure I’ll tell my parents but felt a little strange explaining it tonight in front of everyone.  But instead for you, I have pictures of us preparing the roast beef. 

Here is the roasting pan with 12 ounces of beer, ( I used Miller Lite, as that’s what we had on hand, someone left it here last night after our New Years Party, neither Andrew or I really drink beer but our fridge is constantly stocked from friends.  I don’t drink it because I’m allergic, and Andrew just doesn’t really enjoy it much). 


Also in the pan are 2 beef bullion cubes, these you can break up with a fork until it completely dissolves into the beer.

Then, in a separate bowl, you mix 12 ounces of water with a packet of onion soup mix, seen here:


Now allow me to introduce you to Andrew.  He’s wrestling with the roast beef to get it out of the package.


It was gigantic!

Once we had that out we put it in the roasting pan and then poured the onion soup mix over, yum!

Here’s me admiring my work:


I think the key to making a really good roast beef is to dress in a hoodie and to make sure you are still wearing your fake pearl necklace from the night before.  It just doesn’t taste the same if you don’t.

I put it in the oven at 350 degrees and it took about 2 hours.  Along with this I also made a salad, and whole wheat egg noodles.

It was a great dinner, I ate my salad (which was just lettuce, the dinner was supposed to have corn but the corn I had looked all dried out, luckily I had a few romaine hearts in the fridge), I had one piece of roast beef and a serving of egg noodles with light butter.   Everyone seemed to like it, so that was a relief.  It was stressful having my first “dinner party.” 

I haven’t had much time to work on the blog, especially the appearance, and linking all my favorite blogs.  In the next week I hope to have everything up and looking better.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my first post!

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