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Smirnoff Summer Entertaining Extravaganza: Campfire Cookout

Thanks to Smirnoff and Foodbuzz my friends and I had a great weekend camping!  The weather did not hold out for us, unfortunately it rained both Friday night and Saturday night but we definitely made the best of it.
We planned on having a Campfire Cookout party Saturday night and decided to do something really different then the usual burger and hot dogs.  We decided what could be more fun than doing a grilled personal pizza party, over a campfire? 

To drink while preparing the pizzas we drank some Smirnoff drinks I brought to keep us cool.  During the day it got super humid and these were definitely good drinks to cool us down. I bought The Smirnoff Tuscan Lemonade, Smirnoff Vodka Mojito, and Smirnoff Pomegranate Martini, and Smirnoff Ice Triple Black. Picture 093

Picture 086


These drinks were really good but definitely strong, my favorite was the Mojito, and it seemed all the girls really enjoyed the Pomegranate as well. Michelle had brought fresh Lime Mint from her garden at home and crushing up some of those leaves and putting them in the Mojito really made them taste fantastic. 

Picture 110

Picture 108

The one thing I recommend is definitely cutting it with something, the bottles suggested Soda Water but we didn’t have any.  We did use just regular bottled water (about a ¼ cups worth) and that really made them better.  I’m sure it would have been even better with the soda water though.

Picture 120 

I made the dough Thursday night and brought it with us, I made enough dough for everyone to have their own personal pizza.  I used Michelle’s mom’s recipe and it worked out perfectly.

  • 1 package yeast,
  • 1 cup warm water,
  • 1 teaspon sugar,
  • 1 teaspoon salt,
  • 2 tablespoons oil,
  • 2 1/2 cups flour. 

Dissolve yeast with water stir in remaining ingredients. beat vigorously.  allow dough to rest.  spread dough on pan.  make your pizza!  

We decided to make one pizza for all of us to share and to test it out
For the test pizza we made it with just cheese and sauce. 
Picture 062

Picture 065

Picture 069

And onto the fire it went.

Picture 072

It cooked for about 25-30 minutes.

Meanwhile we all posed with the pizzas.

The boys:

Picture 075

And the girls:

Picture 074

The smoke was getting our eyes which is why Jess and I have them closed.

Unfortunately we forgot to grease the pan in any way and we kind of created a big mess.  The pizza was delicious but it was a pain to get it off the pan.

Picture 126

Picture 132

Picture 133

What a delicious mess.

Michelle had brought Pam but the container was empty so we used a small amount of butter on the foil each time just to keep it from sticking.  We brought a variety of toppings so everyone got to have exactly what they wanted.
Andrew’s pizza was up first and he chose to use BBQ sauce, mozzarella cheese, grilled chicken, and bacon bits on his pizza.

Picture 134

Picture 136

Picture 137

And onto the fire it went.Picture 139

We didn’t have the timing down quite yet, so his was a little doughy, it’s hard to regulate the temperature and cook it thoroughly.  The real trick is to just be patient.  The bottom is going to be super crispy but honestly it tasted delicious even if it was black in some spots.

Picture 142

Picture 143

Next up was Scout and Rob, we decided to hurry the process along by putting 2 at a time on.
Scout decided to make a hamburger pizza.  He cooked up the hamburger meat in some bbq sauce and then used tomato sauce as a base on the dough.  He then layered meat, and American cheese on top.  His looked really great!  Definitely creative!

Picture 148 Picture 152

Picture 155 

Rob went with a classic.  He used the tomato sauce, with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and bacon bits.  The smell of his cooking was really fantastic.  I think we made some of our camping neighbors pretty jealous.

Picture 159

Picture 164

Picture 167

Just as us girls were about to begin making our pizzas, dark clouds started rolling in.  A severe thunderstorm warning came on the radio and the sky just opened up.

Picture 170

  It poured for a few hours, and our chance at pizza over the campfire was quickly squashed.  We improvised with frying pans on the camping stove, which was sheltered by one of our canopies.  It was even harder to regulate the cooking on the stove top.Picture 172

While Rob and Scout had been cooking their pizzas, the girls threw some fruit and veggies into tinfoil and threw it right in the fire.  So we had those to use on our pizzas.

Michelle’s pizzas was fresh mozzarella cheese, sauce, peppers, and eggplants.  I have to say I was pretty jealous of her pizza, it looked fantastic. Jessica used the fresh mozzarella, sauce, and peppers. 

Michelle’s is on the left and Jessica’s is on the right

Picture 183 

And I used the fresh mozzarella, and pineapples on mine. But apparently I was too busy taking pictures of everyone else’s pizza because this is the only shot of it cooking I got.

Picture 177


Unfortunately the bottom of the pizzas started to almost burn but the top was completely doughy, we made do by scraping most of the dough off and just eating the crusty parts with the toppings, I have to say with all the trouble, and mishaps, the pizzas were really fun to make and to eat, and we all really enjoyed it.

I think this picture gives you an idea of how hard it was raining.

rev 3

But we made the best of our time on the campground, and we definitely have some great memories.  The rain died down later that night and we were able to enjoy some time by the fire.

Picture 203

And we of course had dessert planned.

Picture 222


Thanks to Smirnoff and FoodBuzz for making our camping trip such a memorable one!


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