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180 Degrees

I don’t know if it was the whole “fake it until you make it” from yesterday, or if  I’m finally back to my normal eating routine, or if it’s the fact that it’s my Friday, but I am in a much better mood today.  I don’t know if I come across this way on the blog, but I am usually a very happy-go-lucky person, especially around friends and families.  It’s kind of impossible to have a serious conversation with me because I’m always joking around, and today I finally feel like I’m getting back to that.  Again I have to credit you guys because of your kind words.  Andrew was reading through my comments from the past few posts today and kept saying how nice everyone was, and how supportive you guys really are.  He didn’t have to tell me that though I’ve known that since day one.

I had another successful eating day!  Planning ahead has definitely helped, tomorrow will be the real test though because I’ll be home all day.  I feel like when I am forced to eat at work on schedule I do much better, it’s definitely something I need to work on for the weekends.  For the most part my choices are healthy but my eating is sporadic, my goal for the weekend is to eat on my normal schedule from during the week and see how that works for me.

For breakfast I relied on my favorite go-to food.  Chobani of course.  I had a vanilla chobani with Kashi Vanilla mini wheats.

Picture 020

Picture 021

Such a delicious combo.  I’m absolutely in love with this cereal.

Lunch was a pretty great, and I was looking forward to one component of it pretty much right after I finished my breakfast.  While shopping the other night I bought some sliced deli chicken, I put 2 slices (it’s pretty thick) and spicy brown mustard on a “Deli Flat”.

Picture 022

See the slight green in the upper right corner.  That was the part I was looking forward to, it was of course another one of my favorite pickles.

Picture 023

I will never get tired of those pickles. Oh and Laura that pen is totally the swag (stuff we all get) from the bridal show last week, new favorite pen, peace out purple advair pen.

Picture 024

Such a simple but perfect lunch.

And for a snack around 3 I had a braeburn apple.  God I missed these, and they were on sale the other day so you know I picked up a few.

Picture 025

Ok for all of you in the Northeast, what is up with this weather?  I’m so sick of fog, rain, and cold.  It’s almost the middle of June where’s my sunshine and 80 degree temps?  Ugh.  This weather is making me crave some serious comfort food, so I decided to have a quick bowl of angel hair pasta. 

Picture 028

I was going to make a salad but really wasn’t feeling it, so instead I just chopped up a green pepper and some cucumber on the side for some crunch and green.

Picture 029

Yum yum yum.

All together:

Picture 030

This looks like I ate around 9:30 because of the lighting but it’s just so dark here, I ate around 6:30 but you’d never guess.

After dinner I drank some unpictured coffee, and watched some trash tv.  I have a lot to catch up on.  Who else watched this week’s Real Housewives of NJ?  Ok for real, how is next week already the finale?  I’m sad but at the same time I’m so looking forward to the episode!  I also watched Kathy Griffin’s Life on the D List, am I the only maniac in blogland who absolutely loves this show?  I laugh until I cry and rewind parts over and over again, that Kathy is a very funny lady.  If I could fly out to LA and be her assistant I’d be the happiest girl in the world. 

What is your guilty pleasure tv show?

Well I’m off to watch other shows I have DVRed and haven’t had time to watch, I hope you all have a great night, and I’m hoping all your Friday’s go by quickly.

June 11, 2009 at 8:15 pm 16 comments

Catching Up

First off don’t forget about My First Giveaway you still have 2 days to enter!

Sorry I disappeared yesterday, I’ve been trying to enjoy vacation now that I’ve only got 4 days left.  This week is just flying by!  It’s been a lot of fun though and we’ve pretty much done everything we wanted to do while here except for one more thing that we’re planning on doing tomorrow night.  Other then that it’s going to be a lot more relaxing on the beach, by the pool, and some bike riding thrown in.

After posting the other day we had dinner of spaghetti and meatballs.  It was a cold rainy afternoon so it worked out perfectly.


I also had a side salad of romaine and cucs.


With some of that light balsamic that’s peaking over the bowl.

Later on Geoffrey came out to play.  I had no idea hermit crabs were nocturnal but they definitely are once the sun goes down they come out to play.  For the past 2 nights we’ll go to bed and hear Geoffrey moving around, in the morning we’ll see that rearranged all his things in his cage.





Later on while watching TV Andrew, my parents, and I all split a 100 calorie bag of popcorn.


The next morning we woke up and I had a smoothie that contained skim milk, pom juice, high fiber cereal, raspberries, blueberries, banana, and pb.


After breakfast Andrew and I went on a quick 6 mile bike ride to the neighboring town of Duck, NC.


It was a windy day but bike riding was a good option for something to do outside.


Once we got back we ate a quick lunch.  I had a random mix of things I found in the fridge.

I had  1/2 an Arnold Sandwich thin with a string cheese to make a piece of super cheesy bread.


I also had left over rice from the other night.


And for some crunch I had 1/2 a green pepper.


All together:


Later on we did a little more shopping (I actually bought nothing!)  But Andrew did buy some local made fudge and I of course helped him eat some of it.


Absolutely delicious!

For dinner last night we had some home made burgers.


On the side I had some Food Should Taste Good Tortilla chips.


We also had some corn we picked up from a local stand.


I of course had another apple cider on the side.


We went to bed pretty early last night and I was excited to wake up and see the sun shining bright.  It was still a little windy but it was a good day to lay out in the sun and go in the hot tub.  I had some cereal and yogurt for breakfast.

DSCF4333 DSCF4334

We spent the morning out in the sun before we decided to take a short drive to Manteo for lunch and to walk around.

We ate lunch at a 50’s style diner, it was so cute.





There wasn’t many choices unless I wanted something fried or another burger, so I played it safe with a grilled chicken sandwich.


Then we walked around the very scenic town of Manteo.




I’m a rebel and climbed to the top even though it was blocked off.

We came back to the house and the wind had died down enough to swim and I stayed in the pool for an hour or so before we had to get ready to go to dinner.  We went to a restaurant we really enjoyed last year and decided to visit again.


I decided to get the St. Lucia Chicken because I had that last year and loved it, and even though I had a chicken for lunch I decided to have it again because it was something really really good.


After ordering some really delicious bread came out.


And not long after our dinners came out.


I ate one piece of chicken, most of the beans and about 1/2 the rice.  I brought the one piece of chicken home to eat for lunch tomorrow or Friday. 

Well that’s everything up till now!  I’m going to try to update tomorrow so I don’t have to do a marathon post like this again!  Hope you are all having a fabulous week, see you tomorrow!

May 20, 2009 at 9:34 pm 18 comments

Empty Fridge

I guess I thought I had more food in there then we did we currently have yogurt, eggs, blackberries, and some bread as well as some condiments.  I have no fresh produce and it’s making me nuts!  We leave Friday so I’m guessing we’re going to be digging in the freezers for meals for the next 2 nights.

For breakfast I planned on having cereal and yogurt, well I totally forgot the yogurt.  I also had no money to get milk from the vending machine.  So my breakfast was dry cereal.  As you can imagine this did not do a good job of filling me up. 

Picture 005

Lunch was part of cleaning out the fridge,  my parents actually left for vacation a few days ago so I’m doing my part in cleaning their fridge out as well.  They had a stuffed bread last week for dinner, it was stuffed with sauce, cheese, and chicken breast.  It was delicious and I was totally satisfied from this meal.

Picture 007

For dinner I had an opened jar of sauce I had to use before we left, I also had some cleaning to do so I made a super quick dinner of whole wheat angel hair pasta, and meatless meatballs.

Picture 009

Delicious simple dinner in between chores.

I’m pretty much all packed for vacation minus the things I use daily.  I’m shocked because typically I am such a last minute packer, it feels good knowing I have at least one thing out of the way. 

I haven’t mentioned my weight loss on the blog since the first week when I lost 4.5 lbs.  Well since then I have lost a total of 25lbs.  I still have some more weight to lose though so I hate buying clothes knowing I hope to get smaller, unfortunately I only have one bathing suit from a couple years ago that fits so I will have to go shopping for a few more tomorrow.  Yuck I hate bathing suit shopping!

I got a couple comments yesterday about my lack of snacking.  I have never been a snacker.  I will occasionally snack and I do post those snacks or at least write here that I did.  I do sometimes take bites of Andrew’s food and don’t take a picture of it or write about it on here but we’re talking about bites.  Before I started the blog my eating was all over the place, some days I would only eat dinner so I think my body is still getting used to the idea of eating 3 normal meals a day.  I think I’m getting enough calories without snacking during the day but I’m going to start doing some calorie counts and make sure I’m where I should be without them.


I hope you all have a great night but Andrew just got home and Monday and Tuesdays we don’t get to spend much time together so I’m going to go talk to him until bed time!  Have a fabulous night!

May 12, 2009 at 8:25 pm 21 comments

Cranky Pants

Wasn’t it just the other day that I was talking about how I am in such a good mood when the weather is nicer.  I don’t know what my problem is today, I just felt off.  I wasn’t hungry for anything and I seem to get this way a few times a month, no appetite, terrible mood, and just a general cranky feeling.  I know with the weather being so hot and everything in bloom my sinuses have been a little crazy, and although it’s not a full blown sinus headache I definitely feel the pressure.  All I wanted to do today was come home and go to sleep. 

Today’s title should really be DON’T Eat Like Me.

For breakfast this morning I planned on having Vanilla Chobani with puffins, I knew once I got to work to not even waste the puffins because there was no way I was going to eat the whole container.

Picture 001

I was right I ate maybe half the container and then into the garbage it went.

I started to feel really fatigued so I ran out at lunch time to Dunkin Donuts to grab an iced coffee.

Picture 007

Medium iced coffee with skim milk and splenda.  While I was there I picked up a multigrain bagel lightly tossed with a tiny bit of butter.  They actually listened to me and put about the amount I would put on it.

Picture 004

I ate in my car because I was so cranky I couldn’t stand the idea of going back in to work.

Around 2:30 I realized I needed some fruit so I grabbed an orange.

Picture 008

In the middle of the orange was a baby orange!

Picture 012

Too cute, that made me smile for about 30 seconds.

After work I came right home and wallowed in my crankiness.  I didn’t even know what I wanted for dinner so I didn’t start cooking until I felt some hunger kick in.  Getting off the couch felt like such a chore.  I finally made myself put some water to boil on the stove and had my go to comfort meal of pasta.  I had whole wheat angel hair with too much sauce.

Picture 015

Picture 016

I would guess this is close to a serving size but somehow my kitchen scale melted and won’t turn on.  Of course it did why wouldn’t it? 

I’m off to drink a tall glass of water (it’s 85 in my apartment right now and we don’t have the AC’s in yet.)  And watch some more trashy tv. 

Hope you all have a great night and don’t forget tomorrow is Hump Day!  We’re getting close to the weekend.

April 28, 2009 at 7:43 pm 24 comments

Longest Week EVER!

Seriously this week is so slow, work has been so hectic, and overwhelming this whole week, and I’ve been pretty stressed for reasons I don’t want to get into on here.  I’m so ready for tomorrow at 5 when the weekend begins!  This weekend should be pretty fun, tomorrow night my only plan is to go to the gym and then bum around the house.  Saturday I’m going out with friends to celebrate my birthday (which is actually Monday, I hate when my birthday falls on a week day!)  Then Sunday I have the NYC blogger brunch!  Which I am super excited about but also super nervous about.  I get terribly nervous meeting new people, so if you’re going to the blogger brunch on Sunday and I seem quiet, I’m probably just a little anxious about the whole thing. 

I also want to thank Ellie for giving me my first award!!  She’s seriously the sweetest person, and an excellent blogger!  Please check out her blog if you haven’t already.

E_award_thumbI would like to pass this award on to Sarah, she does amazing things with food, that I would never think of.  Check out her blog for some resourceful ways to use “found food”.  Her comments always make me smile, so thanks Sarah.  I’d also like to pass this award onto Dori.  Her posts always make me laugh outloud, she’s got a great sense of humor.  I’m also meeting both of these girls at the blogger brunch so can’t wait to meet the 2 of you!

So let’s get into today’s eats.

For breakfast I had some overnight oats, 1/2 a cup of oats, 1/2 a cup of skim milk, some vanilla extract, and cinnamon.  After I heated it up this morning I added pb and some granola because I was craving a crunch.

Picture 001

I’ve missed my oatmeal, it’s been about a week since I’ve had it.

The other night when I made Andrew’s lunch burrito I made an extra either for another day for him, or for me.  It was really good, but the wrap was a little soggy.

Picture 005

It contained brown rice, salsa, vegeterian refried beans, and cheddar cheese.  Yum!

Later I felt a little sluggish so I decided I needed some fruit to give me some energy, I had a gigantic orange for a snack around 3:30.

Picture 007

After work I had a bit of a tension headache so I decided to take a long hot shower, Andrew was in charge of making dinner and he made some whole wheat spaghetti with “meatballs”.  Can you tell we’re obsessed with these “meatballs”?

Picture 019

After dinner we went to his parents house again, today was his Mom’s birthday so we brought some flowers and a gift card over.   I may have snacked on some chips and salsa while we were there.  But again no picture.

Well I’m going to read and go to bed!  Hope you all have a great night, and let’s hope Friday goes fast for everyone!

March 19, 2009 at 8:42 pm 18 comments

I’d Forget My Head…

I have been so forgetful, last night I came home already to blog and realized I left my camera at my parents.  No big deal I would just go get it after work today and use my cell phone for pictures today, well I forgot my cellphone today!  So I had no camera, and no cellphone.  I felt so lost, but I have both back in my possession now so we’re all set.

Let’s rewind to yesterdays eats.  For breakfast I had a plain chobani with granola.

Picture 002

For lunch I was craving pb so I had a ww bagel with pb smeared on it.

Picture 004

Andrew wound up being a super awesome boyfriend and woke up early yesterday to drive me in even though he had a delayed opening.  So I had to leave a little early with him to come home to get the hot water heater replaced.  We hung out here until everything was done and it was time for Andrew to go to work.  I was in a weird mood and wanted to go to my parents house while he was gone so I didn’t have to be alone.  So he dropped me off there on his way to work.

For dinner my mom was making spaghetti so I had some.

Picture 006

And on the side I had 2 pieces of bread, one with butter and one with olive oil and fresh cracked pepper for dipping.

Picture 008

That’s where the pictures ended, but I didn’t have anything new and exciting anyway.  I had a Peach chobani for breakfast with granola, and for lunch I had left over chow mein with 3 stalks of broccoli.  It was a yummy filling lunch, but nothing you haven’t seen before.  After lunch I had some green grapes.

After work we stopped to get subs to bring to my parents house for dinner so I could pick up my camera and a package that came in the mail for me.

We stopped at the WaWa where Andrew’s twin brother works and had him made us some sandwiches.  I got a veggie sub with roasted peppers, hot peppers, romaine lettuce, onions, pickles, vinegar, and some parmesan cheese.

Picture 011

On the side I had some kettle chips.

Picture 013

I ate most of the bag but Andrew and my parents sampled the chips as well.  Yummy quick dinner.

The package I had to pick up was some samples of Fage Greek Yogurt!

Picture 020

I got 12 all together but one of the cherry flavored ones broke open during shipment and I’m allergic to strawberry so my Dad will be reviewing that for me.  I’m so excited to try these because I have never had any flavored Fage before, only the plain.

Well it’s been a long day so I’m going to lay down to read until I fall asleep.  Hope you all had a fabulous Wednesday!

March 4, 2009 at 9:24 pm 10 comments

Weekend Recap

I am a bad weekend blogger.  Wish I could say it was because I was so busy with friends and having fun.  Unfortunately I didn’t do much this weekend, Friday night I crashed early and yesterday I was feeling really sick so I skipped a friends birthday dinner and night out for some time in bed.  Not a productive weekend but definitely needed.  I’m hoping that with all my rest I should feel great this week, I’m also hoping this week flies by as quickly as last week did.    It’s sad the weekend’s over but I’m ready to get this last week of February over and done with.  I can’t believe it’s almost March!  Springtime is just around the corner.  And March is my favorite month, I might be a little biased because my birthday is in March. 

So clearly I have a lot to cover since I have not written anything since Thursday.  So let’s get onto the eats.

Friday for breakfast I had a bowl of oats, I decided to finish off my canister used the 3/4 heart healthy portion.  That was really good but super filling.

Picture 002

With cranberries and PB.  So delicious!

This was seriously stick to your ribs good.  3/4 of a cup is great, but it definitely kept me full for hours.  By lunch I was barely even hungry so I just snacked on a cut up gala apple, 2 clementines, some blueberries, kashi crackers, and about 1 tablespoon of pb.

 Picture 009

I didn’t eat that z bar until about 3:30.

For dinner that night we made a stir-fry of sorts.  I used black beans, green peppers, onions, baby corn, and salsa.  It was a really yummy combo.

Picture 022

After this we headed to the gym, it felt soooooooo good to be back.  I definitely didn’t have my best workout but it was really good.  I was just happy to be back to working out.

I woke up Saturday morning and had some puffins for breakfast.

Picture 025

I ate about 3/4 of this before I was full.  After breakfast I hit up Costco with my dad, I didn’t buy much just some socks, bananas, a new scale, and some seasonings. 

For lunch later on I was craving some of that Panera LF chicken tortilla soup, so I ran out and bought some and ate it at my parents while I waited for Andrew to be done with work for the day.

I got the soup:

Picture 030

And their Classic Garden Salad:

Picture 034

I also ate a piece of the whole wheat baguette, but somehow I didn’t get a picture of it.

After Andrew got out of work we headed to the gym.  I felt like complete crap, I got horribly out of breath barely doing anything and my head was pounding we only wound up staying about 45 minutes before I finally couldn’t take it anymore.  We left and came home.  We had a birthday for a friend to go to, we were supposed to go out to dinner and then out to a bar, but I knew I just needed to stay home.  I made myself a comforting dinner, while Andrew headed out for the birthday festivities.

I had 2.5 ounces of whole wheat Angel Hair pasta, with 1/4 cup of spaghetti sauce.

Picture 035

I ate this and then moped around the house, frustrated that I was missing out, especially because a friend I rarely see was there.  I took a hot shower, took some medicine and laid down, after about 45 minutes I felt super sick and nauseous.  Unfortunately that spaghetti dinner didn’t stay down very long after that, sorry I know that’s TMI.

I fell fast asleep by 9:15 and only briefly woke up when Andrew got home later that night, other then that I slept right up until this morning.  I felt much better but didn’t have any appetite until close to 12.  I decided to have scrambled eggs with green pepper and 3 turkey sausages. 

Picture 043

Because we ate so late in the day I didn’t wind up eating any lunch.  We went to the gym and the girl I was sad I didn’t get to see last night was actually there, after she gave me some grief for not going out last night we worked out together.  She works at the gym as a trainer (not mine though) so I did 20 minutes on the bike while I waited for her to finish up, then she showed me some new arm exercises to do.  She worked me out hard we were both dripping sweat by the end.  Then we did a quick 15 minutes on the elliptical.  I was so surprised by how much I did the elliptical, I’m not a fan of it, but I might have fallen in love with it today.  I was drenched in sweat when we left.

After the gym we ran to the food store to pick up a few items for the week, sorry I didn’t take any pictures of our purchases.  We made tacos tonight with lean ground beef.

I had 2 tacos on a whole wheat toritilla with lettuce, green peppers, salsa, and mexican blend cheese.

Picture 051

Well I’m off to finish my taxes.  Keep your fingers crossed for a big return!

February 22, 2009 at 9:12 pm 9 comments

Leftover Stir-fry

What a long day!  Did anyone else have trouble getting up this morning?!  Mondays are always hard, but the first Monday after a long break is next to impossible.   

So I packed all my food up last night to bring with me for the day.  I knew I wasn’t going to have time this morning to get everything ready.  Thank god I did this because I wound up having to drive Andrew to work as well.  The tire on his car still hasn’t been fixed.   He works 2 jobs, one at a special education school which is right around the block from where I work, and at a pharmacy a couple days a week.  (I shouldn’t be complaining about a long day!)  He’s at work at the pharmacy now, and I’ll be leaving in a few to hang out at my parents (which is right around the block from his pharmacy) until he gets out at 9. 

My breakfast this morning was delish.  It was another vanilla chobani, with bear naked pure protein granola (my favorite of the ones I’ve tried), and a few pb puffins.  Alongside that I had my morning coffee and a clementine.



Here’s a picture where you can actually see some of the granola underneath the puffins.


Around 11 I got snacky and had the remainder of the puffins.


I didn’t really need them but oh well better then running to the vending machine.

For lunch Andrew made me a flat out multigrain wrap with pb and raspberry preserves.  Whatta guy right?


  I also had another clemintine


and a carrot peeled and chopped with some spicy brown mustard for dipping.


Weird combo I know, but a few years ago I was a nanny and one of the girls loved this.  I gave it a try and have loved it ever since!  If you’ve never had it like this (and I’m assuming not many people have) try it one day.  You’ll thank me.


All together!

Around 3:30 I was hungry again so I had another honeycrisp apple.  I still can’t believe how unbelievably good they are! 


After work I rushed to my acupuncture appointment.  I was so nervous, but it turns out I was nervous for no reason.  I just did a consulation with the doctor today and have to go back next Monday to actually get it done.  So now I have another whole week to be nervous!  On my way home from that I was thinking about what I wanted for dinner.  Something fast and easy.  So with all the leftovers in the fridge I made “Leftover Stir-fry.”


It had:

  • broccoli (from last night)
  • ww pasta (from last night
  • roast beef from New Years day
  • a green pepper I had lying around
  • garlic
  • extra virgin olive oil.


Mixed with the pasta in a bowl and ready to eat!


This was exactly what I needed, quick easy, and delicious.  This might become a weekly thing.  Well not this exact mix but a leftover stirfry is something I could definitely get used to.  And now I have leftovers of this for another night this week.

Well I’m off to clean up from dinner and then head over to the parents house.  Hope everyone’s Monday went well!  See you tomorrow food bloggers!

January 6, 2009 at 1:26 am 2 comments

Not the best day

I woke up this morning at 10, I had a really hard time falling and staying asleep last night I think I only got a couple hours worth of sleep.  Tomorrow I go back to work after a long break (like most of you) and it’s going to be hard waking up unless I get into bed nice and early tonight.

I didn’t feel good when I woke up, I’ve been awfully congested and I think it started to upset my stomach, I really didn’t feel like eating, so instead I decided to put away all our Christmas decorations.  What a sad day!  I hate doing that! 

I have to break the habit of not eating consistently on the weekends. I need to eat breakfast everyday.  I think another one of my resolutions needs to be to get up the same time 7 days a week.  Weekdays I’m fine eating breakfast.  It’s weekends where everything kind of falls apart for me.

So I ate poorly today.  My lunch consisted of 2 pieces of a pizza (small slices) and another romaine salad.


Around 2:45 my stomach started growling so I had my first Honeycrisp Apple!  Oh wow it was so good, now I know what all you bloggers are talking about!


If you look closely you can see one of my new uggs in the background, the ones I never took a picture of lol.

My dad came over and installed a new video card but the computer still wasn’t working, he removed and reattached some of the cables inside the tower and bam it was working again.  What a relief.  It wasn’t the video card, but I still got a new one anyway.  I love that my dad works with computers, no matter what I need he’s there to fix it! 

Onto to dinner, I had bought a new kind of spaghetti sauce a couple weeks ago and decided tonight was a good night to give it a try.


It’s ingredient list is extremely short, and completely all natural. 

So my dinner was this over ww spaghetti and a side of broccoli.  Broccoli is my FAVORITE veggie and it’s going to be a big item on the blog, guaranteed!


Not a great picture.  I guess I was in such a rush to eat today I didn’t really get a good look at the pictures I was taking.

So tomorrow is back to work, and I’m not looking forward to it.  I have quite a few projects due in a few weeks and I kept putting them off until the new year.  Well it’s here now (although on my rent check I wrote 2008, instead of 2009, that’s going to take some getting used to.   My next (scheduled) day off from work isn’t until the end of May!  I need to plan something fun to look forward to or this is going to be a long winter!

Since I sincerly doubt I’ll be able to blog from work, I won’t be blogging throughout the day now.  I’ll be posting a full recap of the day in the evening.  I’m hoping to figure out a better schedule but we’ll see.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday Night.  For those of you going back to work tomorrow after a long break, good luck!

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