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An Extra Hour of Light

I love Daylight Savings time.  I love that it’s after 6 out and although it’s overcast it’s still light out there.  Although we lost an hour the day feels longer, and I really don’t mind losing an hour of sleep when in return you get an extra hour of light.  Nothing depresses me more then getting out of work and it’s already dark out, so this is a welcome change.

I had a terrible eating day.  I didn’t eat junk, I didn’t eat fast food, and I didn’t eat too much of anything.  In fact the problem is I didn’t eat enough.  I had NO hunger.  And instead of eating balanced meals regardless I barely ate at all.  Not a good thing at all. 

I started out this morning with a cup of coffee and a 1/2 a clif bar.

Picture 002

Picture 005

I finally found them in my Whole Foods.  And they totally taste like a glazed donut!  I enjoyed this outside with my morning coffee on the deck.  The deck is the best part of the apartment and I’m sure as it gets warmer you’ll see that we eat out there every night and most weekend meals, it’s also where our friends all come to hang out during the summer, I know for a fact that as the months get warmer you will be seeing a ton of pictures of my friends enjoying the deck with us, for meals and drinks. 

My legs felt so tight this morning I was afraid that I was going to struggle with running today.  So I downloaded Yoga for Runners from I’m not saying I consider myself a runner, I don’t.  But I assumed it was going to focus on stretching the muscles that were giving me trouble.  I’ve done yoga one other time before and so was not prepared for a podcast, I didn’t know some of the poses so Andrew made a slideshow to go along with the podcast.  He decided to join me in doing the podcast.  I know yoga is relaxing, but not with the 2 of us.  There was way to much joking around, and way to much “get the f*** outta here I can’t do that, let’s just do child’s pose.”  And whenever they mentioned energy from your fingertips Andrew made buzzing electric noises.  Although we totally sucked at it we laughed a lot and I felt my muscles unwind.  What should have taken 20 minutes took us over 40, we had to keep referring to the slideshow.

After this we went to the gym where I did some more of the first week of training from the Couch to 5k.  I felt great afterwards!  After the gym I wanted to eat but I wasn’t hungry I decided to go to Tropical Smoothie Cafe for a smoothie.  I got their Sunny Day smoothie which is, banana, mango, orange, and kiwi.  I also added soy protein to it.   They were also offering free samples of a new product they’ll be selling, they are going to start carrying flatbread sandwiches, and one of them was a pb, banana, and granola flatbread.  Okay I love pb and banana, but never in a million years would I have though to put granola on it, but I certainly will be now.  It was so delicious and such a simple idea, how did I not think of that before!?



These pictures are from Andrew’s phone, amazing, my phone looks no where near this good, it always looks so washed out.  I’m still amazed by these photos.

My smoothie was ginormous.  It literally took me 2.5 hours to drink 3/4 of it, it was really yummy though.


We came home and took advantage of the nice weather and went for a walk/jog (mostly walk) around the neighborhood. 

Once we got back we decided to make dinner, again I wasn’t hungry so I just went with what Andrew was having.  He wanted pasta so he cooked some penne, I had mine with a small amount of butter, garlic powder, and parmesan cheese.  On the side we also had meatless meatballs.  Holy crap they were good, even Andrew enjoyed them and he’s a meat-eater through and through, and typically terrifed of eating vegetables/fake meat products.  When he was younger and his mom made him and his twin brother broccoli one night, Andrew’s brother picked some up with his fork and attempted to eat it, and Andrew screamed “No DO NOT EAT THAT!!!”  He acted like it was poison.  My mom makes him eat broccoli when we go to her house for dinner, he’s getting a lot better with trying new things, but he’s a meat and potatoes kinda guy for the most part.

Picture 007

Picture 009

I put some spicy spaghetti sauce on the “meatballs”  AMAZING!

So I guess that’s it for today!  I hope you all had a fun weekend, I definitely did.  We’re off to my parents house so Andrew can move a couch or something with my dad, poor Andrew he’s always recruited to help my dad with the heavy lifting since he’s surrounded by all girls day in and day out.  Andrew doesn’t mind though, he’s a good guy.

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23 Hours…

Good Morning!  Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.  Today is an hour shorter then every other day of this year so make sure to make the most of it!  I love springing ahead because it will be lighter longer now but it looks like it’s going to be cloudy today and for the next couple days, we may not even get to enjoy the extra light.  It has been so warm this weekend, all 14 inches of the snow are gone, in less the 6 days since the big snow fall it disappeared!  It was close to 70 yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed the weather.

Friday night was a ton of fun we went out to a bar down the street, I have such a great group of friends!  I had a mozzarella stick but no picture of it, the rest of the night I enjoyed water and the company of my friends.  So different from a few months ago where everytime we’d go out I’d spend 40 bucks on drinks, and feel sick Saturday morning.  I’d really rather no have a drink at all or just enjoy one drink, just another change I made this year that I’m happy about.  We came home kinda early and went to bed since Andrew had work Saturday morning.  BUT I had a great conversation with my 2 best girlfriends and we have decided to run the Fear The Pier 5k in May!  I’m so excited! It’ll be my first 5k and I couldn’t be happier about running it with them. Time to start training!

Yesterday morning I had personal training so I had a protein packed breakfast of a 0% plain Chobani with a piece of the banana bread mixed in.  I hate it outside on our deck in the sunshine!

Picture 004

My trainer kicked my ass yesterday! I was so tired after training I didn’t wind up doing any cardio at the gym.  I am so sore today and plan on doing some yoga to loosen up before I hit up the gym.

After personal training yesterday I went to my parents house to hang out with my sister while my parents went to buy new couches, after Andrew got out of work he stopped by Tropical Smoothie Cafe and grabbed me the same Veggie Veggie wrap as last time, and I went a little crazy and had a serving sized bag of baked lays with it.

Picture 013

Picture 014

After lunch Andrew and I took turns using my parents elliptical, I had to get my cardio in somewhere and it was slightly raining so I was a baby and didn’t want to go outside..

After that we came back to the apartment to clean and eat dinner.  I had an eggplant I had to use up so I made my version of eggplant parm.  Just sliced the eggplant, roasted it in the oven with a small amount of EVOO brushed onto the eggplant with garlic powder sprinkled on top and popped it in the oven for 20 minutes flipping once half way through.  I then put it in a casserole dish covered it with sauce and a small amount of cheese.  After the cheese is melted it’s done!  Oh my gosh this is sooo good.

Picture 015

Once dinner was over,  MsInformed and her fiancé came over to celebrate her birthday!!!!  We had pomegranate and vodka drinks with the POM Wonderful juice.  She also agreed it was really good.  This is a photo from last time because I didn’t get a chance to take a picture last night.

Picture 018

Well I’m going to have some coffee and find something to eat before I run to the gym.  Have a great Sunday!  I’ll be back after dinner tonight!

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40 Days and 40 Nights

I feel like this whole week is just flying by!  I can’t believe tomorrow is already Thursday.  Tomorrow is a normal work day for me but there’s a meeting I need to attend plus more work on a new project so tomorrow should continue the trend and be over before I even realize it.  Then Friday I’m getting trained on a new version of our design/drafting software the whoooooole day which will also go by super quickly.  Then Saturday it’s my mom’s kinda sorta birthday.  She’s a leap year baby (she’s only 12 lol) so she doesn’t have an actual birthday, but she makes us celebrate anyway.  Any ideas on what to get a mom who never asks for anything?  Send them my way, I have no clue what to get her!

So for breakfast I continued the Chobani trend of the week and had another peach yogurt with peak protein granola.

Picture 001

I had to stop myself from licking the container clean, I just love this flavor.

I was so excited for my lunch I almost couldn’t wait to eat it!  But I held off until a normal hour, and had my leftovers from last night’s dinner out.  Gosh this was even better then last night!  Michelle and I talked about it at lunch and how we just want more and more of it.

Picture 005

I was hungry for a snack around 3 but there just wasn’t much time to eat.  It was a crazy day where I felt like I was running around the office more then I was at my desk, I am in no way complaining being at my desk for 9 hours a day really drives me nuts.  It was nice to have things to do that didn’t involve sitting there.

I had to meet with my personal trainer tonight so I had to have a quick dinner.  And it’s Ash Wednesday so that means no meat for me.  I went the easy route and had an egg wrap.  I had 2 scrambled eggs, with 2 mini sweet peppers mixed in, and some onion.  On the side I roasted 2 baby white potatoes with a small amount of olive oil, garlic powder, and onion powder.  Such an easy meal but completely satisfying!

Picture 007

There was too much egg to fit all in the wrap so I had some on the side as well.

Picture 010

Those potatoes were roasted perfectly.

So did you give anything up for Lent?  I’ve been toying with giving up meat and I still haven’t decided yet, but I think I’m going to do it.  It’s only 40 days right?   It’ll give me the chance to try new things, and I think to get out of this food rut I feel like I’ve been in, it’s just the right choice for me right now.  I was scared to put it on the blog because I’m afraid I might not be able to do it.  But if it’s on the blog it will hold me accountable.  I have great resources for vegetarian meals with all your wonderful blogs, and my best friend Michelle is a vegetarian as well so she’ll be able to help me on the way.

Since I typically eat meat I’m not going to be a very strict vegetarian, as it is I don’t eat too much red meat, it’s going to be chicken that’s going to be hard to give up.  But I’m willing to give it a shot.  Wish me Luck!

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Happy Valentines Day!!

I hope you are all having a great Valentine’s day no matter what you are doing!

We had a busy day planned so I had a quick breakfast of PB puffins and a banana in skim milk.Picture 016

After driving my sister home we went to the chiropractor, then went back to my parents house to watch “You Are What You Eat.”  It’s one of my favorite shows but it’s a British show so it’s only on the BBC America channel and we don’t get that at our apartment.  If you do have BBC America you should check it out, I know it’s on every Saturday at noon but it might be on through out the week.

After watching that we went to the dress place so I could get measured and put down a deposit for my bridesmaid dress for my cousin’s wedding.  I’m so excited to get it.  It’s a gorgeous dress,  I’ll be sure to post pictures of it once I get it.

Once we were done there we headed to the gym.  My right knee started bothering me yesterday so I took it easy and mostly walked on the treadmill today with a little jogging.  I’m trying to prevent any injuries, I think I might have to look into knee sleeves, or something for my knee.

After the gym we were decided to try a kinda new place nearby for lunch called Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

I got a “Veggie Veggie” which was southwestern rice, corn, black beans, asparagus, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, onions, parmesan cheese, balsamic vinaigrette in a garlic herb tortilla.  It was really good, I just wish they had whole wheat wraps.

Picture 023

Picture 027

Andrew got a Jamaican Jerk Chicken wrap which I tasted it was really good, spicey, but delicious.

After lunch we came back to the apartment and took a long nap.  I can’t remember the last time I napped, it was glorious!  Definitely needed that.

For our Valentines dinner we went to favorite restaurant, Yesterdays, I have come here dozens of times growing up.  Pretty much every birthday I’ve come to this restaurant and I’ve only gotten one thing to eat.  Chicken parmigiana, as I said yesterday this is my favorite meal!  And at Yesterdays it’s amazing!  I’m glad we had the chicken parm last night because it made me want it less, but the craving was still there.  I started at the salad bar, that tri color pasta salad is so delicious!

Picture 029

I decided to try their homemade ravioli for my entree.  I’m glad I did it was delicious, you can’t beat fresh pasta.

Picture 031

There were 6 altogether but I ate 3 of them and brought the other 3 home for lunch sometime this week.

I also had 2 fresh rolls.  They are really small but they were still hot so I had to indulge in a couple.Picture 030

It was a really great dinner, and I was happy to actually try something new.  But on my 24th birthday next month you better believe I’m getting that chicken parm.  I don’t know if I could not eat it on my birthday. 

After we came home from dinner I had 2 of my cappachino coated coffee beans from Ellie!

Picture 034

Oh my gosh these were outta control delicious!  It was hard to stop at just 2, but I’m going to do my best to make these last.  Thank you so much Ellie!!  Andrew tried one and loved it as well, I’m going to have to hide this bag from myself before I eat the whole thing tonight!

Well I’m off to lay down and watch “Burn After Reading”  I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day!

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Friday Night Slumbey

Hey I wanted to do a quick post, my sister is here for a sleep over.  So I’m just quickly going to post my eats so I can get back to hanging out with my sister.

For breakfast I had vanilla chobani, cranberries, and granola.

Picture 001

This stayed with me right until lunch.

As I was getting my lunch together to eat I got a call from the receptionist to come up to the lobby.  When I walked in Andrew was there with flowers!!!  He had the day off for President’s day and came down to visit me for lunch and bring me the flowers.  How sweet is that?

Picture 009 Picture 010

For lunch I had pb and banana on a ww bagel.

Picture 006

A few hours later I was hungry so I had some grapes and 2 clementines.

Picture 007

For dinner Andrew made Crock Pot Chicken parm.  He just pounded out 2 chicken breasts until they were about 1/2 and inch thick put it in the crock pot with a jar of marinara sauce and let it cook on high for 3 hours.  After it was completely cooked he sprinkled on some part skim mozzarella cheese.  It was unbeleviably delicious!  Definitely didn’t miss the breading at all, cooking chicken in the crockpot makes it so tender!

On the side I had a serving on ww penne.

Picture 015

Sooooo good!  Can’t wait to make this again, Chicken parm is my ultimate favorite food so finding a much healthier version is exciting. 

I hope you are all having a fun Friday night I’m off to hang out with Andrew and my sister.

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Creature of Habit

Hey bloggies!  I am in such a better mood then I have been the past few days.  This weather today was just ridiculous.  Hard to believe last week we had 6 inches of snow here and now it was close to 70 today!  Oh my gosh it was gorgeous, I wish I wasn’t at work the whole day but I know that weather like that for everyday life is just around the corner.  Tomorrow it’s supposed to be colder and rainy but now that I have a taste of springtime weather I can’t wait for it!!!

I’m glad so many of you have a favorite color M&M you like to eat.  I typically get made fun of if someone is eating M&M’s and I ask for an orange one, good to know that many of you have a color preference.

Thank Goodness for the nice weather because my eats were seriously bland and boring today.  I really need to mix things up soon.

Breakfast was my “old reliable” vanilla Chobani, with Bear Naked Granola, and dried cranberries.

Picture 001

Big Surprise right?

Well get ready for some real excitement, I had another ww bagel with pb today, but it wasn’t toasted like yesterdays.  Just trying to mix it up.   I’m in lunch time rut.  I also had 2 clementines today.  So at least there’s some color there.

Picture 005 Picture 004

 Picture 006

Later in the afternoon I had a braeburn apple.

Picture 007

I was starving when I got home, I couldn’t wait for dinner to cook, so I had a string cheese while I got everything ready.

Picture 010

For dinner we had grilled chicken, with brown rice, broccoli, and a side salad.

I ate all the chicken, all the broccoli, and most of the salad and rice. 

Picture 011 Picture 012

Picture 013 Picture 015

Picture 014

I need to redeem myself tomorrow.  I already made lunch for tomorrow and it’s not a bagel but it’s nothing exciting either.  After dinner we went to the gym another good session but my arms are already sore, I can’t imagine what they are going to be like tomorrow!

So Valentine’s day is coming up this Saturday, we’re really late making plans but I believe we’re going to go to Baltimore for the night to hit up the aquarium, does anyone live in or near Inner Harbor Baltimore and have a good suggestion for some great places to eat? 

Well I’m off to read and go to sleep, if it was warm where you are today I hope you enjoyed the weather! 

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So I woke up this morning and made some oatmeal, and I loved it!!!!  I’m so excited to say that I actually had oatmeal and really enjoyed it.  I put a good amount of stuff in it and I think it made all the difference.   Thanks for all the great suggestions, I’ll be sure to pick up some other mix-ins on my weekly shopping trip tomorrow!

In my oats I had cinnamon, vanilla extract, 1/2 a banana, blueberries and of course pb.

Picture 003

I think the difference is I put a full 2 tbsp of pb in it where as before I used tbsp.  Definitely a big difference.

Here’s proof I ate every morsel.

Picture 008

How appropriate that at the bottom there was a heart.  I know why you all love it so much know this kept me full for hours!  Can’t wait to keep trying oatmeal new ways.  The cinnamon and vanilla made it taste almost like French toast, and the blueberries were perfect in there.  I ❤ oatmeal!

I went to the gym this afternoon and had a great sweaty session.  I love the weekends the gym is always so empty, wish it was like that on the weeknights.  I’m hoping once it starts getting warmer out I’ll be able to hit the gym or go for runs in the morning.  I just can’t drag myself out of bed when it’s so cold.  I’m envious of those of you who can.

After the gym we hit up Panera.  I had the infamous “You Pick Two.”  I got the Mediterranean veggie sandwich, on whole wheat bread (instead of the tomato basil bread.  I got it without the hummus so I’m sure the 1/2 portion was a little lighter then what the nutrition facts show.  I also got the Low Fat Chicken Tortilla soup.  It was absolutely delicious I was close to licking the bowl.  I didn’t know it came with tortilla strips, they didn’t add much flavor to the soup and I would probably get it without next time.

Picture 009 Picture 011

Picture 010

I saved the whole wheat baguette for later.

My orginal plan for dinner was to make Snobby Joe’s for the first time.  I was dying to try this.  Unfortunately my sister is back in the hospital, this time with pneumonia.  So I wanted to eat something quick so I could get down to the hospital.  I had the remaining 3 meatballs on the baguette  (and one on the side) with 3/4’s of an ounce mozzarella cheese.

Picture 014

I also had a salad with romaine lettuce, a mini green bell pepper, some onion, and light balsamic dressing.

Picture 015

A yummy quick dinner, I hope I get to have the Snobby Joe’s soon though.

Well I’m off to visit my little sister in the hospital, she’ll be spending the night and hopefully home sometime tomorrow.  I hope she gets better quickly, last time she had pneumonia she was in the hospital for a week.  I would be so upset if she had to stay that long again.  Please keep my sister in your thoughts and wish her a speedy recovery, I know she could use some positive energy right now.  And you are all some of the most positive and supportive people I know! 

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Sunday Cleanup

Hey everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend.  I can’t believe it’s already over.  I am so ready to get in bed and relax for the coming week.  I know it’s going to be a busy one at work with lots of meetings and deadlines for major projects. 

We had a lot of fun at the party last night.  I talked about Michelle last week and how I’ve known her since I was very little.  I’m very lucky to have lots of close friends from my childhood, my 4 closest girlfriends are girls I’ve known since I was in elementary school.  One of them is Laura, if you enjoy celebrity gossip she has a great blog.  I’ve known her, since I believe, Kindergarten.  Last night the party we went to was for her Fiancé.  I’m very excited for her and I’m actually in her wedding party.  I know it’s going to be so much fun and I can’t wait until next March for the wedding!  

Laura’s wedding is another reason I want to lose weight.  In addition to her wedding next year, I also have my cousin’s wedding in September.   This past July I was in another one of my childhood friend’s wedding.  I had a great time but I know I would have been able to have more fun if I was smaller.  When you’re in a group of 9 girls and you’re all wearing the same thing it’s hard to not judge how you look compared to the others.  It was a hard day for me, but the wedding was so fun I was able to move past my own insecurities and I had a great time.

At the party last night I had a bite of one of Andrew’s mozzarella sticks.  Other then that I stuck to just a couple glasses of water.  I’m really happy I’ve cut back on my alcohol drinking. It’s been really easy so far.  And since I’m allergic to beer my bar tabs can be pretty large since most mixed drinks cost between 5 and 7 bucks.  It’s definitely nice to not wake up with hangovers on the weekend and to be saving money.

Let’s get into today’s eats.

Breakfast was a quick bowl of PB Puffins. Picture 002

After breakfast it was time to bite the bullet and do some laundry.  It’s been a very long time since I’ve done any.  Since we don’t have a washer and dryer in our apartment I go to my mom’s house to do my laundry.  I’m still a mooch what can I say.  We’re looking to rent a house or move to another apartment next year, and on the top of my list are, laundry hookups in the apartment, and pets need to be allowed there.  I love our apartment now but lugging laundry up and down 3 flights of stairs is a bit of a pain.  Plus I’ve been thinking lately how much I’d love to have a pet and my landlords put in the lease that there were no pets allowed.  We live in an old Victorian house built around 1896 and the landlords live right below us, so there’s no way we could get away with having any pets.  Although we’re thinking we might ask them if we could get something small like a chinchilla, or something similar.  I miss my dog a lot and it would be nice to have some kind of animal here.

While doing my laundry I ate a deep chocolate vitamuffin with pb and a clementine I stole from my parents.

Picture 007

Picture 009

While my second load of laundry was in the dryer Andrew and I went to the gym.  I had another great workout and was really excited because I was able to run a lot longer then ever before.  Nothing that impressive but since I only started running about a week and a 1/2 ago I’ve already seen a great increase in my endurance.  It makes going to the gym so much fun when every time your there you can see and feel a great improvement.

After the gym I went back to my parents and while waiting for my laundry to be done I snacked on some baby carrots, and some dip.

Picture 015

I ate all the carrots and about 1/2 of the dip.  It was a delicious crunchy snack.

After my laundry was finally complete we came home and I cleaned out my whole dresser and reorganized everything.  I still need to organize my closet but that can wait until next weekend.  Next weekend I plan on doing a complete and thorough clean up of the apartment.  And the closet is on the top of my list of things to get done.

For dinner Andrew and I tried something new.  We decided to make ravioli using wonton wrappers.  Mine were stuffed with spinach and fat free ricotta, while Andrew stuffed his with meat.  They came out really good for our first time, although a few of them did burst while boiling.  I ate all the spinach ones I made and a couple of Andrew’s meat ones.  I have to say the ones with meat were absolutely delicious.  The spinach ones were great, but Andrew’s tasted like really great meatballs. He did an awesome job.  

Picture 023

That’s not the best picture, but it’s the best one I have. 

Well enjoy the rest of your Sunday night everyone.  See you tomorrow!

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Feel The Burn

Before I talk about my first session with a personal trainer lets go over the eats.

For breakfast I switched things up a little and had a Peach Chobani, with a honey crisp apple on the side.

Picture 001


I wasn’t really that hungry so this did a great job of keeping me satisfied until lunch time rolled around.

For lunch I had some of the leftover chicken tacos but in a salad, it contained, romaine, spinach, onions, chicken, and salsa for a dressing.  This was so good!

Picture 004

Picture 003 Picture 005

That little container is from duck sauce or something one night from a while ago while eating at my parents house.  I’ve saved them and I use them for dressings, pb, and mustard for dipping.  Keeps the salad from getting soggy.

With my lunch I also had some grapes.

Picture 006

For a mid-afternoon snack I had Kashi crackers and another orange.

Picture 009

Before I went to the gym I had a Carrot Cake Clif Bar.


So I met with my trainer and he certainly kicked my butt.  He had me doing so much that I never though I’d be able to do.  A couple minutes before the end of my session I started to get dizzy, too much for my body for the first day.  He took me outside to get some fresh air, and that certainly calmed me down.  I felt stupid until he told me that he really pushed me and I didn’t give up on any of the exercises, I did them all really well and he was impressed he never had to correct me or urge me to keep going.  So that made me feel better.  I found out I only had one more exercise to do with him though, and I wished I had pushed through but I didn’t realize how late into the session it was.  I scheduled an appointment for the same time and then attempted to do some cardio.  I didn’t last long before I started to get dizzy again so we left the gym.

After resting we went into Subway and got subs.  I didn’t think I’d be able to eat much because of the way I felt so we got them to go and we took them home to eat.

I got a veggie delight again, lettuce, onions, cucs, green bell peppers, banana peppers, and vinegar, all on the 9-grain wheat bread. 

Picture 016

I wound up eating about 2/3 of it but that was it.  Now I’m ready to go to bed!  It was an exhausting but fun day.  I can’t wait to go back to the gym tomorrow to practice all the things we did tonight.  My goal is to next week accomplish everything we did tonight, and whatever else he throws at me without feeling sick.  I’m already feeling sore and I imagine I’ll be even more so tomorrow.  But I love that feeling!

Oh be sure to visit Meghann.  She’s joined Teams In Training and is going to raise $3,900 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!  She has a website set up for donations, (which I will gladly be donating to next pay day!)  And in return she’ll be running in the Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon!  How awesome is that? If you can’t donate, all her ad revenue is going towards her goal, so stop by and wish her luck on this amazing journey!

I hope you all have a great Friday!!!  Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend?

January 22, 2009 at 10:31 pm 9 comments

Nervous Over Nothing

Sorry about my lack of posting last night.  I wound up going out earlier then I thought I was going to with my friends.  I was so exhausted we wound up leaving the bar around 10:30 and I was in bed and asleep by 11.  AFter such a long cold week I just have any energy left.

After my post at lunch time I snacked on another Honeycrisp Apple. 

Picture 001

I’m so glad I was able to find them at Whole Foods the other night.  Gala just isn’t cutting it anymore, now that I’ve had the Honeycrisp.

I was so hungry by 4:30, I just don’t think my lunch and snacks were very filling yesterday so I ate the second 1/2 of the Carrot Cake Clif bar I had Tuesday night. 

Picture 004

Finally I felt satisfied after eating that.

I knew I wanted pasta for dinner so after I got home I made a bowl of angel hair pasta with the last of the jar of Hot spaghetti sauce, with a little less then 1/2 a serving of fat free Ricotta.  I also added an ounce of part skim mozzarella cheese to it.   It was a very filling dinner but it hit the spot after a day of unfulfilling meals.

Picture 014

I was so happy to see my best friend Michelle last night.  We typically don’t go very long without seeing each other but because of her vacation it had been 2 weeks!  I had a great time hanging out with her and a couple of our guy friends.  Michelle and I have known each other since we were 3, I can’t believe I can say I’ve known her for 20 years!  We were close on and off throughout elementary school, but then quickly became best friends in 7th grade when we had French class together, we’ve been best friends ever since then.  I’m very lucky to have a friend like her and I’m so grateful.

At the bar Andrew ordered a burger which I snuck 2 bites of and 2 fries from him.  It was literally the best burger I’d ever tasted, thank god I was full from the pasta still or I would have ordered my own.  My friend Mike got a really great dish it was like a macaroni and cheese with with cauliflower I snuck 2 tastes from him as well.  It was really very good.

This morning I woke up and had a Clif bar while on the phone with Michelle, I completely forgot to take a picture but it was Oatmeal Raisin Walnut.  And I ate the whole thing.

After getting off the phone it was time to head out to meet my trainer.  I thought today was talking and getting to know each other and then working out.  Well it turned out to just be getting to know each other, weighing in, taking measurements, going over my meals, and setting goals. Then I worked out on my own.  I did some time on the treadmill and a circuit on the arms machines. My first training session is actually going to be Thursday at 7.  I’m excited but still a little nervous.  We’ll see how it goes on Thursday I guess. 

Once I got home I broke out the oats and had a bowl.

I put a mashed up banana, some apples with cinnamon I microwaved for a few seconds, and cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter.  I had such high hopes but I just don’t think oatmeal’s for me.  I’m going to keep trying though and see if I come up with something I really enjoy.  I ate some of it but not all, we’ll give it another try next weekend.

Picture 023 

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

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